Easy Way to Kill Knights:
When approaching a knight, jump in the air and when you're about to come down from your jump, stab forward. This causes the knight to drop his shield and get stabbed right in the eyes! It works really great and is awesome for fighting the level 3 boss - The Blue Knight!

King's Gift:
There's a hidden red jar in the graveyard containing the King's Tomb.

Walk on the Roof of Palace Five:
The way to do it is: go to the room where the falling wall is (the one made with falling blocks). Then when the wall is up, get on top of it, now use a jump spell and jump while you're in the air use a fairy spell and go up. You will see the falling screen (the one Link is falling), and you will land on the roof of the palace. From the rooftop you can do it again but you appear in the ground next to the palace and get stuck there like you've been buried alive!!!

Refill Magic and Life:
If you come across a Red Jar, make sure you milk out the rest of your magic bar with as many Life Spells to heal yourself, then take the Jar to get the most out of it. If you don't have enough magic to cast Life, but you're still not all that healthy, then highlight the Life Spell, take the Jar, and press SELECT like mad. You'll not only refill your life, but your magic will fill up almost to full!

Fighting Close-Quarters:
Don't always rely on your ability to throw your sword when you have full life. Especially late in the game, enemies won't be hurt by the thrown sword. Learn how to fight in close quarters.

Stunning and Recoil:
Remember that whenever you make contact with an enemy, you're going to recoil a bit. Keep this in mind, especially when fighting Skull Balls. Also, remember that if you hit an enemy, you'll stun it slightly, and you won't take damage from it while it's stunned.

Easy Game Replay:
If and when you beat the game, you'll have the ability to replay it. When you do so, notice that while all tangible items (palace items, Heart Containers, etc.) will be reset and you must find them again, you'll still know all the spells and have the same high level! At this point, the beginning of the game is a breeze.

Easy Game Technique:
If you want to experience this superiority without beating the game, then do this: Play the game as you would, but take care NOT to clear the palaces. Take the item, but don't beat the boss. Once you've found all the items, learned all spells, and developed your attributes to 8, start playing the game over again. It'll be so easy!