Mercay Island

After beginning the game and meeting Ciela, run over to the first hut on your right and meet Oshus, who suggests you to talk to Linebeck at the docks. Outside, head east towards the dock and a rumble will be heard. Keep going and you'll see the bridge next to the waterfall had collapsed!

Go west, over to the other hut, and throw the rocks for the man (touch the rock to run and grab, then tap somewhere else to throw it). He'll point you to a spot on the top of the mountain. Make a note of it on the map, then attempt to go north. Ciela stops you since you don't have a weapon! Return to Oshus and talk to him. Exit the hut, and then Ciela will indirectly give you a hint. Enter the cave next to Oshus's house.

Inside the cave is a sign. Write the number 7 on the sign (the number of trees in the area) to open the barrier in front of you and find a chest with Oshus's Sword inside. Exit. Oshus will meet you outside, and then take you back into the hut to learn how to use the sword.

After learning the techniques, go back outside and head to the north, in between the two huts. Run towards the next cave, slashing the Chuchus and trees blocking your way, then enter.

Mountain Passage

Go past the big door, defeat the Chuchus that pop up and get the Small Key from the chest. Open the big door.

Inside the big room are four levers by the door. You can push the blocks on the side rooms to enter them and get some rupees/hearts from the enemies (and read the hints on the stones), but otherwise, pull the levers in order from 1 to 4 -- 2, 1 for the left side; 4, 3 for the right. You'll get another Small Key for the door ahead.

In the next room, you'll have to grab a key from one of the rats. Go to the far end and grab the block on the wall. Pull it out a few spaces so it lines up with the hole nearby. Destroy the rats that don't have the key, then run back to the staircase. When the rat runs out, it should run towards the block, then double back the other way. Immediately run to the rat, lock-on and slash it to recover the key. Then use it on the door ahead and exit the cave.

Mercay East Side

You'll end up in the market quarter of the island, where you'll find Linebeck. Head into the lower-left hut to find the merchant, who sells a shield for 80 rupees. Buying it would be a good idea; who is Link without a shield to compliment that sword, anyway?

If you go to the dock, you'll meet one of Linebeck's crew, but not Linebeck -- he's not around right now. The guy suggests checking the bar (far left building). Go there and talk to the bartender, who says that Linebeck is going to the temple on top of the mountain. Note it on the map if you wish, then head north up the mountain path.

You'll reach the spot the man at the beginning told you about. Roll into the tree at the far north point to get a Big Green Rupee. Continue west to reach the Temple of the Ocean King.

Temple of the Ocean King

Talk to the skeletons if you want -- otherwise, head straight north into the next room. There you'll find a man trapped in the middle of the maze -- it's Linebeck! He'll teach you about the map, and then you're left to your own devices. The floor is mostly lined with poison gas, so be fast -- luckily there are "rest" points for you to break pots and regain health. Head to the middle-left corner and hit the orb-switch to free Linebeck.

Head back to the entrance to meet with Linebeck. After a bit of a chat, he'll give you a Small Key for the door next to the orb-switch. Go back to the switch and through the door. Two orb-switches will be in the opposite corners. Hit one switch, then run over to the other and hit that one (take the high road to avoid trap doors!). When both are activated, it will open up the gate nearby. Through the gate is a chest with the Sea Chart.

Exit the room, then make your way out of the temple.

Mercay East Side

Linebeck will be outside, and after talking to him again, he'll run off to the docks. Follow him there. At the dock, talk to Linebeck and Oshus. After a bit, you'll be instructed to uncover the next destination on the map. Rub the island in the lower-right corner to uncover the symbol for the Isle of Ember. When that's done, agree to cast off and head toward the island.

Draw a path to the island on the Sea Chart to make your way there.


Isle of Ember

Enter the fortune teller's hut (uppermost). No one's home? Go downstairs and you'll be ambushed by Octoroks. Get rid of them all and you'll see that Astrid the fortune teller is locked behind the door in the corner. Speak to her by saying "hey!" (or just blowing) into the microphone. Well, you can talk to her, but there's no way to let her out yet.

Head back out and travel to the far east end of the island. You'll meet a ghost, Kayo, who mentions the three torches on the island. Mark down the locations of the torches, then mark them on the map next to the door that traps Astrid.

Torch 1 is behind the ghost, obviously.
Torch 2 is to the immediate right of the small block of land in the north.
Torch 3 is inside the lower hut, so mark it there.

Once they're marked on the map, Astrid will be freed.

After talking to Astrid & Linebeck, the electrified door in the southeast corner of the island will be turned off, letting you pass freely. Dodge the falling volcanic rocks and make your way around to the temple door. Once at the door, stand next to the candles on the sides of the door and blow into the mic to extinguish them.

Temple of Fire

Make the first right turn you see and jump across the small lava stream. On the other side is a placard with a map of the room to the north. Copy the path down on your own map. But since the door is locked, you can't go up there just yet. Instead, head south into the room down there and defeat all the Keeses to reopen the door and extinguish the flames in front of the chest in the corner. The chest has the Small Key for the door.

Head into that northern room and follow the path to avoid falling through the trap doors. At the end are four orb-switches -- do a spinning slash to hit them all at once. Doing so will open the door in the central room.

Enter the newly-opened door and run around the red blocks into the corner, where you'll see a red orb-switch. Hit the switch to turn it blue, which lowers the red blocks.

Continue to the right and down south where you'll enter another "ambush" room. Get rid of the slimes to open the door, through which is a big chest in the corner holding the Boomerang! Use the boomerang to hit the orb-switch on the right-hand wall, which puts out the flames near the chest. Continue through the hall into the next room, where two torches will shoot flames at you. Avoid them, and quickly use the boomerang to hit the two orbs at the end of the room at the same time, which will put out the torches and let you continue downstairs.

Back downstairs is another orb in the corner of the room. Hit it with the boomerang from afar so that you can continue south. Hit another orb in the next room to extinguish the flames to the right, which will let you go back to the entrance if needed. Otherwise, go south into another ambush room. Defeat the flaming skulls here (use the boomerang to knock them down first) to open the door in the corner and go back upstairs.

Weave your way through the flame bars and down to the lever in the south corner. Pull it, then go up and hop across the lava and down to the other lever. This will lower the door in the northwest room, letting you get the key from the rat there.

Run over there and stand just below the doorway, then trace a boomerang path that keeps going back and forth, ideally hitting the rat and grabbing the Small Key in the process. Take the key to the next locked door (in the southeast corner) and go upstairs.

Here, go south immediately and check the placard next to the fire bar. This shows a numbered pattern for the room in the northeast corner. Copy it down, then make your way up there. Blow out two more candles to reach the room, then hit the orbs with the Boomerang in the "1-2-3-4" order you saw on the placard. A Small Key will drop down; grab it with the Boomerang.

Go to the southwest corner and unlock the door. Run past the boss door and into another ambush room. Use the Boomerang to stun the Chuchus and knock out the fire bats. When the doors open, continue to the north.

Use the Boomerang again to help get rid of the flaming skulls. Head north into the next room. Step on the switch and trace the Boomerang from the torch on the left, then clockwise to the others. The rest of the fire traps will be put out, letting you continue. Then go to the southeast corner, where there's a small gap preceding a three-way fire bar. Use the boomerang to hit the orb in the upper corner of the room, which closes the gap. Run past the fire bars to the center room, where the Boss Key is waiting for you in a chest.

Now you'll have to carry the Boss Key back down the Boss Door. Since it's the first dungeon, it's not such a hard walk back. Tap the door when you get there to toss the Key in, and get ready for the fight. In the room before the boss, you can read one of the stones next to the staircase to activate a warp that can send you to the temple entrance and back again.

BOSS: Blaaz

Continuously trace the boomerang around the three smaller versions of Blaaz to hit them. When you've done it enough, Blaaz will reform. Immediately hit him with the Boomerang again to stun him, then hit him with spin attacks. Repeat this pattern to win the fight.


Isle of Ember - Mercay Island

Return to Astrid's house. Linebeck will be there, and Astrid will give you a Power Gem. After that, return to the boat to leave the island. Return to Mercay Island. Once back on Mercay, make your way back to the Temple of the Ocean King.


Temple of the Ocean King

When you enter, Linebeck and Oshus will join you, pointing you towards the Phantom Hourglass. Run up the steps in the main room and check out the Hourglass. Following another cut-scene, jump back downstairs and go through to the next room.

Remember, when you saved Linebeck, there was that big door in the center that you couldn't open? With the Hourglass, now you can.

But you'll have only 10 minutes to get through the next maze. Two Phantoms will appear in the corners, and you'll have to do your best to avoid them, or else they'll come after you and get in your way. But you can hide in the purple "safe spots" to save yourself from being attacked, as well as stop the timer as long as you're in there -- red pots contain mini safe spots too, so toss them where you think you'll need them. If you are hit, you lose more than a few seconds of time and restart in the room.

Start by running to the northeast corner and hitting the orb there. That will activate a torch to the south of the entrance. Run down to the torch and throw the boomerang from the torch to the unlit one next to it.

This will -- as you can guess from the last temple -- extinguish the flames in the southwest corner. Get over there and run through to the northwest corner, then hang right and step on the small floor switch near the three-block barrier. This lowers the blue door in the corner, so go back over there and grab the Small Key. With the key, run over to the northeast corner and use it on the locked door, then go downstairs.

A Phantom guards a lever nearby. Walk up to it, then lead it into a corner. While it's distracted, run to the lever and pull it to release the key in the middle of the room. Hit the two switches in the upper and lower corners around this area, then run to the west. To get past the fire bar, throw the boomerang over it to the adjacent orb. Make your way towards the key and, of course, be careful of the Phantoms. A floor switch is in front of the key. Step on it, then toss the boomerang at the key to grab it. Continue to the center to enter the locked door.

On the third floor, head to the southwest corner. Take the red pot down there, then toss it when you reach the lever. Pull the lever to open up the platform in the southeast corner. The floor switches on the platform will tell you where two trapdoors are nearby. If possible, when a Phantom steps over the spot, you can step on the switch and send them falling. When both are gone, a secret chest appears by the locked door. And regardless, it makes your job much easier.
Other than that, though, run to the northwest corner to find a gold pot (extra Hourglass time) and beyond that a chest with a Force Gem. You'll then have to take the Force gem to the large purple area to the northeast, then place it on one of the Triforce shapes there. From there, go right and down to the end of the ledge, then toss the boomerang at the orb off to the side. This will permanently shut off the spike traps below.

The second Force Gem is in the far southeast corner. Grab it, and if the Phantom with the Small Key on its person is nearby, toss the Gem at it to knock the key free, then run back to the safe spot, going back for the Gem when the coast is clear.

The third Gem is, naturally, behind the locked door to the south. So get it and run back to the northeast. When all three Gems are placed, the big door ahead will open. In the next room, there's a large chest in the northwest corner with a new part of the Sea Chart. You're basically done -- continue to the blue warp spot ahead to get back to the temple entrance.

Go back to the dock and see Linebeck. You'll show him the map, and then you'll have to get rid of the dust on it -- just blow into the mic until the chime sounds, revealing the next two islands. But if you try to head north now, you'll be "kicked out" by a typhoon. Instead, head to the small island west of the Isle of Ember: Cannon Island.

Cannon Island

Enter the house to the right and talk to Fuzo, who'll open up the gate to the east for you. Close by is a chest with a Treasure Map pointing to a spot in the southwest. Continue down until you enter the tiny Bomb Garden cave.

Inside the cave, use the bomb flowers to bust down the crumbly blocks in your way. Take one over to the far east corner and blow the wall away to access a chest with another Power Gem. Toss another one over the fence to blow away another block that blocks another... block. Then start navigating the block puzzle: pull down the upper one, then pull out the one next to it, then pull it up to clear a path that leads outside.

In the northeast corner of the ridge are a few bomb flowers up against the edge. Take the single one to the right, then jump off the ridge and run to the right. Just before the bomb blows, toss it over the fence at the three crumbly blocks in the path. Now you can get through the path and enter Eddo's house. Talk to him, then pay 50 rupees and he'll give you a Cannon for the boat! Get back on the boat and return to the Sea Chart.


Once you're out at sea, draw a path leading right up to the gap in the rock wall dividing this quarter of the map. Don't draw through it, though, since you'll need to stop just in front. Once you get there, tap at the big brown rocks to fire the cannon at them and bust them down. Now you can finally continue north to the next section.

Ah, except once you get there, it gets all foggy, and you can't follow the Ghost Ship very far without being kicked back to the start! So, let's go back, to the only island we can access but haven't been to yet: the tiny one to the southwest, Molida.

Molida Island

There's a cave nearby, but you'll be stopped if you try to go in. To remedy this, talk to Romanos in the northeastern hut. He'll get peeved, then ask you to come back after you try to exit. Talk to him again to gain access to the cave.

The cave is rather straightforward. Run through (via the square-shaped platforms along the water) until you're stopped by a big, green, lizard-y bad guy. Get far away from it, then toss the boomerang around so it hits the monster in the back. When it's dazed, run up to its back and slash at it a few times to destroy it. Continue north into the next hall.

Get through that and you'll enter another larger room. Take a bomb flower and toss it at the nearby cracked wall. Head in through the uncovered passage and you'll find a chest that has the Shovel! Bomb the next set of blocks to make your way out of the cave to the north.

Now run over to the palm tree situated just above the second hut from the left (with the yellow-clothed woman). Dig in front of the tree to find a hole! Jump down to find another hidden room. Inspect the picture on the wall to find a map of the northern quarter of the world map. A blue path will be drawn through the stones in the reef. This is how you get through the fog! Copy down the path on your map, then get the item in the nearby chest -- another Treasure Map.
Back on the water, return to the northern quarter. Instead of sailing aimlessly through the fog, go by the path on the map that weaves through the stones in the reef. Then, of course, keep going until you reach Isle of Gust.

Isle of Gust

The island obviously lives up to its name: periodic winds push you in one direction. Run against it to fight the push while fighting your way through. Run along the bottom and skip along the small gaps when the wind isn't blowing. When the gaps end, you'll see a crumbly wall near a group of goblins. Defeat them first, then toss a bomb flower over to the wall to blow it open. Inside is a chest with a Courage Gem, and a picture on the wall with another map of the area, with a big arrow pointing towards the northern island. Copy it down, then head out of the cave.

Go back up the steps and use the wind to jump over the larger gaps leading to the left. You'll end up at another square "lot" with a few goblins. (Use the shovel on the "X" marks on the ground to dig up rupees or hearts.) Then, enter the cave in the northwest corner. Inside the cave, hop down to the lower level and open the chest in the middle to find a Wisdom Gem. Defeat all the goblins around to reveal another chest that has a Treasure Map.

Exit the cave through the hole in the lower corner. Outside, take the thermal vents up the ledge and then use the wind again to leap to the left. You'll end up at an L-shaped path that leads to the temple entrance, but you can't quite get in yet. Instead, use the thermals to continue to the far left section where there's a few more goblins to beat. Dig up the patch of dirt in the northwest corner to reveal a thermal. Take the thermal up over the ledge and open the chest in the corner, which has another Power Gem.

Keep going north and using the thermals. One will be in between a fence and a ledge, blocking your way and preventing you from going north any further. Use the shovel to fill the hole, then run through and continue. Use the next set of thermals to float up to a small ledge at the top with a stone tablet and another part of the map that marks down the windmills with "breeze" symbols. Copy them down, then dig up the other thermals and continue east.

You'll reach a sandy area with what looks to be creatures burrowing under the sand -- these are giant sand worms, and you'll have to avoid them by walking slowly in order to be quiet. If you are caught by one, just scratch the screen back and forth with the stylus until you're freed. However, there are a bunch of bomb flowers around, and you can toss those towards the worms to blow them up.

At any rate, run around this plot of land and go up to each of the three windmills you marked on the map. Blow into the mic to start turning them. When one is activated, move to next. When all three are turned on, the jets guarding the temple will shut off and the doors leading there will open. Before you go, there's a Treasure Map in the lower right corner, just below the far-right windmill. Now, onto the temple!

Temple of Wind

Go straight ahead and dodge the wind jets carefully. Grab the bomb flower in front of the gap and toss it to the floor pad directly ahead to blow up the other bombs and activate the orb switches. Continue by pushing the block in the corner over the next jets, hitting another orb, then going around the corner and down a catwalk to another room.

Take the lower door and step on the foot switch nearby to open the larger door just below that acts a shortcut back to the entrance. Continue to the east along the narrow bridge, avoiding more jets. When you get to the other end and enter the next room to the north, the doors will close and snakes will ambush you. Get rid of them to reopen the doors and continue west. Pull the block in the next room to enter the hall that leads to the boss door.

Obviously there's no way to get in now, so enter the room in the northwest corner. Grab the jet blaster in here and push 'n pull it down the path it's on to position it just in front of the gap. Then run into the jet and over the gap to reach the steps to the next floor (and push the foot switch to open another shortcut door).

As soon as you enter the next room, the door will shut to signal an ambush. Walk up to the rocks in the corner and they'll start to move, revealing Chuchus wearing stone helmets. The quickest way to get rid of them is to lure them towards the center, then perform a spin attack on the bomb flowers to blow them all up at once -- but it hurts you, too, so don't do it if you'd rather conserve health (though, granted, you'll soon come upon some pots with more hearts).

Continue into the large central room. Towards the middle of room is a foot switch; step on it to open the door in the lower corner. Go down there and head up the steps to the raised section of the room. The thermals will take you over to the chest at the edge containing a Courage Gem. Hop off the side and go back down and up to the path. Grab the block off the middle thermal and push it up and over the thermal above. Then go back and ride the thermals until you land on the block. Hop off the right of the block to reach the steps that lead to B2.

Bomb the weak wall to enter the larger room. Take another bomb before you go out, because you'll have to deal with more sand worms here. Make it up to the center pedestal and check out the map there. Copy the Xs down -- they represent the thermal holes that you have to dig up in order to light the torches in the corners (who said it had to make sense?). A chest near the lower-left thermal has a Power Gem, too.

When all four torches are lit, the doors on the north wall and southwest corner will open. We'll take the door in the southwest first, which will take you back to B1.

Once there, head east across the small bridge and pull the jet towards the floor panel on the left. This will position the jet towards the windmill just ahead. You're done here, so go back to the sand worm pit.

Enter the door in the north and make it through the following passage to return to B1, but this time only on the north side. Whaddya know! Run down the bridge and do the same thing as last time, pushing the jet over to the windmill. With both windmills activated, a Small Key will drop down by the foot switch from before. Luckily you can hop right down and grab it! But now you'll have to head back down to the sand pit again.

Once there, use the key on the locked door in the northeast corner. Through the door is a big chest with the Bombs! Now you don't have to rely on those stupid flowers! Now, run over to the northwest corner and blow up the weak wall to continue. In the next room, throw a bomb onto the thermal to let it float, and blow up the blocks in your way. Then take the thermal up and go up the stairs back to B1.

You'll be in the northern strip of B1 now. Again, take a bomb and toss it on the nearest thermal. It will cause another chain-reaction that hits an orb switch, opening the door at the end of the passage (but only for a short time!). Further down is a wall with a floor panel next to one of the sections. Place a bomb there to reveal a not-so-obvious hole that you can run through. Head into the next passage to go up to 1F.

Blow up another hidden weak spot -- check for a panel on the other side of the wall this time. Continue to the left until you reach a small room with more bomb flowers around. Throw two bombs onto the panels next to the flowers to create another chain-reaction that hits the orbs. From there is the chest with the Boss Key! Toss the key down into the room below and then throw two more bombs onto the thermals ahead to bust those blocks in front of the boss lock. Then grab the key and take it up there.

BOSS: Cyclok

Twisters will pop up from one of the three big blue circles around the room. Stand near one and, when Cyclok floats near one, throw the bomb to send it up, exploding in Cyclok's face. Cyclok will then fall to the ground dazed, which is your time to strike.

Occasionally Cyclok will swoop down towards you, but it's easily dodged. Your reward is the Phantom Hourglass filling up by two minutes and the rescue of the spirit Neri.

Now to get off the island! You'll have to backtrack through the small cave in order to get closer to the boat. From there, return to Mercay. But wait -- now that you have your own bombs, visit Beedle the merchant on the seas first and buy a Bomb Bag for 1000 rupees. You can carry 20 bombs with it, so it's a good investment.

Waste some time: Bannan Island (the island north of Gust) is home of the Wayfarer looking for the mystical mermaid, as well as serving as the headquarters of the targeting game.


Mercay Island - Temple of the Ocean King

On your way to the Temple of the Ocean King, bomb the weak wall just before getting there to enter a cave that holds a chest with a Power Gem.

Go back through the temple, but with two extra minutes plus bombs, you can now speed on through. On the first floor, simply bomb the blocks to the left of you, then step on the floor switch to open the door in the corner, grab the key, then open the locked door in the opposite corner. The next floor is just as quick: activate the orb switches to drop the key, then run to the wall just above the key chamber and bomb the weak spot to easily access the chamber where the key is held.

The third floor's strategy is largely unchanged, though, because you'll still have to get rid of the Phantom carrying the key. Recover the key and place the three Force Gems. When you exit there, you can now open the large marked door in the corner and continue to the fourth floor.

B4 is new, obviously, so now you'll have to start conserving time (you should have a little over eight minutes by now, at worst). Multiple air jets keep you from taking any shortcuts, so you'll have to shut them off. To make things worse, floating blue "Phantom Eyes" can find you from a distance and alert the guards at any time. Start by running down to the northeast corner and hitting the orb with your boomerang. If a Phantom Eye is nearby, hit it with the boomerang as well to stun it, then destroy it.

Dispatching: If you defeat all of the Phantom Eyes, a chest appears on the east wall containing a Power Gem.

Cautiously weave your way over to the southwest corner, where you'll spot a patch of dirt covering up a thermal. Use the shovel to dig it open, the take the thermal up to the next level. Hit the orb switch and all the air jets will shut off. From there, take the next corner north and bomb the weak patch of wall surrounding another orb switch. That switch will drop in the spikes in the room directly across from there -- the room that has the key, of course. Run over, grab it, and exit through the lower south door.

On B5, things are a little easier. All you'll have to do is run into the larger rooms, defeat the groups of enemies (electric Chuchus and regular goblins), then hit the orb switch in the northeast corner with the boomerang to get the key and access the exit.

A Phantom Eye will be right nearby, so either wait to get past it or hit it with the boomerang and defeat it first. Six slabs of rock are dotted along the room, each with a hint on how to exit through the big red door in the middle.

But why bother with that when you have this guide! First off, step on the floor switch towards the center of the room to shut off the air vents, then head to the exit door. Touch it to look at it close-up, then draw an hourglass shape (more like a figure-8 with a flat top and bottom) that starts from the top left corner (1), across (2), diagonally down to the left (3), across the bottom (4) and back up to connect with the starting point (1). If done correctly, the hourglass shape on the door will glow and let you through.

In the next room, run up to the large sun shape on the wall. Examine it and it will show a map. Open up the Sea Chart and select the lower-left quadrant. Then, close your DS, open it back up and the mysterious whirlpool symbol on the wall map will be transferred to your own!

Chalk up another hourglass challenge. Exit through the blue warp.

Cannon Island

Make your way back to Eddo's house. He'll sell you the Salvage Arm, but you have to work for it by using your vocal chords. When you talk to him, there will be a slight pause. Here you can blow harshly into the microphone for a short period. If done to his liking, Eddo will sell you the Salvage Arm at a low price (the highest is 1,000 rupees). If the price isn't to your liking, just try again.

Sea Chart

Once you have the Arm, you can now check out what's going on at that strange spot on the Sea Chart you uncovered. Of course, you can also use it to bring up treasure from the red "X" marks on the map that you find on Treasure Maps. The treasures sometimes contain ship parts and, most importantly, Time Sand that adds minutes to the Hourglass.

More Xs: Talk to the guy in green at the Mercay dock and tell him you have the Salvage Arm to get another Treasure Map.

Travel to the whirlpool and select "Salvage" on the menu to lower the crane and start hunting for treasure. The salvage minigame will start up, where you must guide the crane by moving the slider on the bottom, and sliding up or down to adjust the speed. Avoid the mines, get the chest at the bottom, and then you'll have to go all the way back up with the same technique, though obviously the speed lever will be reversed now. The treasure you get is the Sun Key.

Draw your way over to Molida Island. When you get close to the anchor, a giant monster, Bakumon, will pop up out of the water. Strike it with the cannon when its blue eye is exposed. But each time you hit it, you'll have to draw a curve around to the other side of Bakumon, avoiding/shooting its projectiles, and firing at the eye again. Keep up this pattern until you've struck the eye about five times. Then you'll make it back safely to Molida.

Molida Island

Once ashore, go dig up the secret hole under that one tree and jump down. Now run through the corridor until you spot the big door with the red sun marked on it. Now that you have the Sun Key, open it! Head up the stairs at the end to be brought back outside.

You'll now be on the upper half of the island. Make your way up to the temple, but keep going around the right-hand side of the island until you see a stone head. Touch it to activate a beam of light, then touch it again. Point the light northwest, toward the temple door, then run back to the temple. You'll see the light hitting the eye in the middle of the door.

Continue past the stone, into the large central area, where two big green guys wait to attack you. Carefully use the boomerang to defeat them, and when you do, a second stone head pops up. Point this one straight north to the temple. As for the third head, go back over to the set of steps you went up to get here, then walk to the northwest corner of the ledge. You should see the head directly across there, to the south. Hit it with the boomerang to activate it, and then the temple door will open! Run back up there and inside.

Temple of Courage

A huge map right on the first floor! If you’re familiar with Zelda, you know the routine: you'll come back to this floor a lot. But anyway, go straight up north while avoiding the spike rollers. At the top, you can bomb a section of the wall to get a chest with a Pearl Necklace. Otherwise, go past the big locked door to the south. Avoid the spike trap (quickly run in its path, then back, then through the gap when it's slowly returning). Head to the bottom and step on the floor switch to open the door right next to you (shortcut!), then go up the middle ledge to get a Small Key from a chest.

Then, obviously, head back up the hall to the locked door you passed earlier and open it. Continue down the hall into the large room where you'll face a couple of tiny Moldorms. Their weak points are the purple bulbs at the end, so slash them a couple times each to be rid of them. The bottom door to B1 will open.

Take the moving platform approaching you, and make your way to the others (hit the orb switch in the middle with the boomerang) until you reach the next platform at the west end. Take the stairs back up to 1F.

Head north until you can't anymore, and inspect the two headstones in the top room. One of them hints at four switches and a pattern (Up, Down, Right, Left). Right next to the left-hand stone is a weak part of the wall you can bomb, which will lead you into a small room with two chests (w/ ship parts and a Power Gem) and a map on the wall. The map shows a pattern for B1, so copy it down. Then head right and take the first corner down south. At the bottom is a giant Pols Voice! Blow into the mic to shrink it, then slash it to get the next Small Key. Then go back up to the locked door in the north and go up to 2F.

Here's where that "Up-Down-Right-Left" pattern comes into play. Pull on the switches in the maze according to the directions. When done successfully, a chest will appear in the middle. Inside the chest is a Square Crystal.

Take the Crystal back to 1F and place it on the blue switch next to the headstone on the small ledge. This opens up the stone door ahead, which will take you back to B1.

That path you copied down earlier is actually the way to go, which runs along an invisible path between all the pillars in this part of the room. Follow it slowly, whacking the enemies off the edge until you reach the platform at the end, which has a big chest with the Bow & Arrow inside. Equip it at shoot the blue eye above the chest to create a bridge leading down to another staircase.

Down by the staircase is a glowing bow-shaped jewel. Hit it with the sword a couple of times so that the pointy end points to the right, then shoot an arrow at it. The arrow should hit another jewel and then the orb switch in the middle, which will let you through the hall when you go down the staircase and back to 1F!

Run down the hall, defeat two more Moldorms, then continue to the right until you reach a gap. Shoot an arrow across the gap at the blue eye on the wall. This opens up the stone door next to you that will let you access the entire floor again. Go back up and grab the Square Crystal again, take it down to where you just came from, and place it on the switch in the southwest corner. This opens up the other door to the next part of 2F.

Run into the Octorok gauntlet and destroy the ones moving around, as well as the ones on the back wall (use arrows). When all the Octoroks are gone, a bridge will extend up ahead. Cross it and go down to the moving platforms. Take the first one down, and when you reach the first horizontally-moving one, take the bow and point up to where another blue eye is. Shoot it, then hop on to the next horizontal platform when you can. Shoot another eye above that one and a chest will be revealed that contains a Power Gem. Otherwise, continue into the rooms to the right.

Once past the sliding spikes, you can hop over the small gaps to get to the lower part of the room. Then, simply bomb the block in your way, run back, wait for the spikes ahead to come by, and make your way through the passage and up into the next section. Inside the chest is a Goron Amber. Continue down the stairs to 1F.

Carefully get past the slithering sparks, jump the small gap and then hit the floor switch at the end to open another shortcut through the room. But then go down the nearby stairs to B1 again.

Take the moving platform to the right, then when you step on the second one (moving up), immediately draw the boomerang and trace it from the lit torch over the other five. This lowers the spikes at the end of the line. Hop off the platform and knock off the enemies here, then go to the lower corner and hit the bow jewel with the boomerang. Hit it enough times so that it points to the left, then fire an arrow at it. It should hit the orb switch in the middle again, letting you continue north up the next staircase.

Point the switch north and shoot it again to hit another blue eye, revealing a chest with a Wisdom Gem.
Careful, another Pols Voice will drop in! Shrink it and slash it to get another Small Key. Use it on the door ahead and go back up to 2F.

Almost done! You'll be in the super large upper room now. A magic block is at the edge of the platform where you start. Pull down the map -- the block will follow any path you draw once you step on it. Make sure your path passes by the south sides of each of the four pillars in the room, again following the "Up-Down-Right-Left" pattern from earlier. Don't make any crossed lines, though, because then the block will get confused and possibly go back to the start.

Once you hit all the eyes in that order, the Boss Key chest appears back at the start. Get back there, get the key, and then draw a new path heading straight to the boss door in the southwest corner.

BOSS: Crayk

Fire an arrow at Crayk as it charges toward you, stunning it briefly and sending it spinning in its shell. Attack the purple barnacles on the shell to break them off, which will then take the rest of the shell with them. Crayk will then attempt to ram you again. Watch the top screen to find out where he's looking, and avoid the minion crabs.

After that, distract Crayk by attacking it in the front a couple of times. As it stands there, guarding, run around to its back and slash at its bulbous blue tail. Keep doing this while avoiding/defeating its tinier minions and you should be done with nary a scratch.

Afterwards, you'll get two more minutes for the hourglass and a Heart Container, then the spirit of Courage will join you.


When you exit the temple, check the mailbox for a new ship part (only if you talked to the Old Wayfarer on Bannan Island first). As you approach the ship, Oshus will there waiting for you. After a cut-scene, it will be time to shove off.


But a rival ship attacks! It's Jolene, and she's after Linebeck. Her ship will catch up to you, and then you'll be taken inside the ship where Jolene will engage you in a duel! Wait for her lunge attack (signified by a short yell beforehand), then slash at her back. After a bit more fighting, she'll jump at you again and you'll have to rub the screen to shove her sword out of the way. She'll then flee. Talk to Linebeck in the crate in the corner to get back up to the deck.

Our next destination is the Ghost Ship to the north. Head to the northwest square of the map, and go into the fog. You don't have to follow the path you drew before -- just go straight ahead a little bit until Linebeck asks you to back down inside. The fairies will then regroup outside, and you'll be tasked with steering the ship. The fairies will act as directional beacons to guide you towards the Ghost Ship -- stand still and turn the wheel until their blinking gets faster. When you're near the "sweet spot" where the Ghost Ship is, the blinking and beeping will get faster and more pronounced. Then head full steam towards the source!

Ghost Ship

Inspect the main deck for some bats that you can kill for extra hearts/rupees, then head inside the door on the left.

Continue straight ahead west until you're trapped in a large room with a couple of dark ghosts. The pots in the corner contain arrows, so use your bow to defeat the ghosts. When they're gone, the blue flames blocking your path will disappear. Continue to the west end of the ship and talk to the little girl in the corner. Agree to her request, then make your way north and back to the east side along the narrow walkways.

Use the boomerang to hit the orb switch at the start, then be careful as you walk the paths due to more ghosts and Skulltulas dropping down. A wall of blue flame blocks your way at the very end -- or does it? To get below it, just go back down the path and hop to the south area. Maneuver your way further down and around until you reach the small chest containing a Triangular Crystal (and hit the orb switch nearby). Take the crystal and walk it back up to where those blue flames are, and place it on the triangular switch. Voila, no more flames!

Return to the chest and head into the large room in the northeast corner, where you'll meet the second little girl. Take her back through the ship. Lead her back along the walkways, making sure to defeat any enemies in front of you, as the sight of a monster will scare the girl, forcing you to go back and talk to her to get her going again. Take her back to where the first girl was to rescue her. Then, once again, return to the other side of the ship. On the south wall is a set of stairs leading to the next floor.

Oh cripes, a reiteration of the Temple of the Ocean King! At least you're not timed, but you will have to avoid the guard -- in this case, a floating Reapling. From where you start, head to the southeast corner, then from there round the corner to arrive at the small room on the west side where the third, yellow-clothed girl is (making sure to of course slice up any enemies and avoid the guard).

As you might guess, you'll have to lead her back through. Hit the orb switch next to her to lower the spikes across the way, which lets you access two chests. Open only the right-hand chest to get a yellow potion, as the other contains a bunk rupee that will summon a second Reapling. If the girl is spooked, the guard(s) will hear it and rush to the scene -- she'll be fine, but you won't, so rush to a safe spot.

At any rate, head to the open section in the middle of the room which has another chest with a Round Crystal. Grab it, and then take it and the girl back to the upstairs. Back on B1, place the crystal into the round switch just ahead to clear the blue flames next to it, then lead the girl through the rest of the area and back to the safe room with the others.

With number three taken care of, you'll now have to look for number four. Return to B2 and head to the west end to take the stairs that lead down.

More sneaking around is imminent, but for now, ignore the levers on the wall and head to the far right corner. The door will close and five Skulltulas will drop down -- use a spin attack to get rid of most, if not all of them at once. When they're all gone, the door will open and the flames ahead will go out. An orb switch up ahead will lower the spikes near the levers, but will also summon a Reapling.

In the small corridor right above that is a safe spot with a headstone that gives you the solution to the levers. Or you could just highlight the following text and skip that: 2 4 5 1 3 Run back down the levers and pull them in the order from 1 to 5. This will lower the spikes below the headstone. Return to the headstone and go down into the room full of drums. A floor switch is hidden by the west wall, so squeeze your way over there.

The switch gets rid of the last of the blue flames here, so now you can make it to the northwest corner and find the last girl hiding in a drum (the shaking one, obviously). You'll then have to take her all the way back up to B1. There's no winning strategy here -- just be prepared to get there less-than-quickly, and watch out for the guard.

Back on B1, take the girl to the room with the others. A cut-scene will play out, and you'll be taken away outside. Oh my, what a devastating surprise... the girls are actually evil ghosts in disguise. Mercy.

BOSS: Diabolical Cubus Sisters

They'll call this battle a "volley," which is a hint as to what you need to do: slash at the orbs of energy coming at you to bounce them back at the ghosts, while dodging their lasers as well. As you hit them each time, they'll regroup and start firing at you again. Just keep hitting the orbs while watching the top screen to make note of where they're coming from.

Stand farther back on the deck so that you have an extra moment to position yourself correctly when the orbs start flying a little faster.
You can even hit the orbs from the side or rear. As long as the slash connects, the orb will fly back up.
When you're down to one ghost, she'll start to get more aggressive and send out more "trick" orbs -- ones that aren't completely filled with light and you can't slash. Once they explode, you'll have to dodge the "shrapnel" while also batting back the filled orb. Yeesh! After being knocked silly a few times, the final ghost will surrender and leave you with the Ghost Key.


The warp will take you back to B1. The Ghost Key is used on the skull door on B2, so hustle down there.

Run to the skull door in the northeast corner and touch it to open it up. Run into the room and up the stairs to watch a cut-scene. Tetra's been found, but not in the best of shape.

Following the scene, you'll be brought back inside the ship. Talk to Linebeck, and then you'll be brought back to the map.


Sea Chart

Those "X"s you copied on the map a while ago point to our next destinations. Head to the closest one at the northern tip first. When you start getting close, an island is revealed.
Zauz's Island

When you arrive, so will the mail: a letter from Jolene, which you'll place in the inventory. Then head up into the lone hut and talk to Zauz inside. The conversation concerns the Phantom Sword, but you'll need to get three different kinds of steel to have it created: the Crimsonine, the Azurine and the Aquanine. The lame part is that we'll have to start the quest at the Temple of the Ocean King. After the chat, check out the picture on the wall and copy down the Triforce and arrow anywhere onto the island map, then head back to Linebeck and leave the island.

But wait! What about that second "X" on the Sea Chart? The one up against the rocks? There's no mention of it from Zauz, but you may as well check it out just to get it over with. Sail over there, and as you get close, a rocky island will be revealed.

Uncharted Island

Fantastic, there's no area map! However, as you'll see from running around, there are a few Gossip Stones. Most of them aren't gossipy, though, except the one in the center of the island next to the cave. Whack that one and it will give you a hint, one that suggests the order in which you should strike the other stones. If you trace the shape of the island, you'll discover that it's in the shape of a whale spraying water from its blowhole, with the stones positioned at certain spots in the whale's "body." Therefore, as the center stone will tell you, hit the others in the order of tail, spout, fin and eye. Hitting them in this order will summon a bridge to the cave in the center (make sure you talk to the center stone beforehand, though).

Inside the cave, head straight into the next room, a large spring. As you approach the center, the head golden frog Cylos will pop out and say "Hi." Furthermore, he'll give you the Cyclone Slate, a chalkboard of sorts that will let you warp to specific spots on the Sea Chart. Bu-u-ut it can't be used quite yet -- the way to use it is to fire at the golden frogs that leap out from the sea when you're sailing. They'll give you a symbol to copy down that will activate the warp where they're located.

You're done for now. Leave the island and head back to Mercay, followed by the Temple of the Ocean King.

Temple of the Ocean King

Once you reach B1, the Phantoms become Swift Phantoms, but they're not necessarily worse to deal with. Just continue rushing down through the floors.

When you get to B6, return to the large red door. Instead of an hourglass shape, this time you'll have to draw a Triforce symbol according to the pattern you copied down earlier. Start from the top left corner of the door, then draw the Triforce shape without letting up. (Complete the bottom left triangle first, move on to the next, then connect up top to finish.)

Through the door is a small room to rest in. Talk to the skeleton on the left to summon a yellow portal that will warp you straight to B6 whenever you come back to the Temple. Heck yeah! Smash the pots to heal and restock your ammo, then touch the moon door to reveal the stairs down to B7.


Ride the moving platforms up to the northwest corner (face the arrow shooters on the wall to block them with your shield). Once you step in the water, you'll be told that your steps will give the Phantoms a better lead on you if they see the trail you leave. It's not so bad now, though -- just run down to the stairs to the south.

B8 is very similar. To get to the east side, you'll have to cross an invisible bridge near the stairs you'd entered from. On the doorway, it's a little bit above the doorway, but to see exactly where it is, wait for a Phantom to cross it, or use the boomerang or bow to stretch your viewing angle to the other side, where plates at the other edge will mark where it ends. Then note it down on the map and head to the stairs on the other side go to back up to B7.

Now that you're on the other side of B7, wait at the stairs. Ready the boomerang and use it to hit the orb switch the Phantom is guarding. The switch will take out the flames just above the stairwell that block the other set of moving platforms. Run to the platforms (being careful of the second Phantom of course) and ride them north. When the ride ends at the top, go to the left and over to the treasure chest. Inside is a Round Crystal.

With crystal in hand, you must return to B8 by walking back to the stairs at the bottom. As always, be careful!

Cross the invisible bridge again. The switch to place the crystal is towards the center of the west side. Be extra patient with the Phantoms' patrolling, as they can easily pinch you here. Don't forget the red pots if you need a quick hiding spot.

Once the crystal's placed, the door to the north stairs will be freed. Hit the step switch ahead to activate a thermal, then continue down.

Right next to the entrance is a chest with a Triangle Crystal, but nothing else except fire in the way. Grab the crystal and go back up.

Continue to be extra careful and make your way back down to the invisible bridge. Cross it and make your way to the crystal switch, towards the upper wall, surrounded by yellow bombable blocks. Place the crystal to lower the spikes below, which summons a large chest nearby.

First, cross over the spikes and hit the orb switch they were guarding -- this will open the stairs above. To get to the chest (which contains a Spirit Source), fgo up and position yourself above the chest to find an invisible bridge leading down to it. Otherwise, head down the next stairs.

The third crystal is held by the lone Phantom here. In addition, ghosts will appear from thin air and pursue you. Strike them before they strike you, and you'll get bonus seconds from them.

Point the arrow jewel north, then shoot an arrow when the blue eye above it is exposed. The eye will lower the spikes to the west that block a step switch. The switch, as you'll guess if you've been to B3, activates a trap door nearby. Wait for the Phantom to pass over the spot, then trap it at the right moment. You will not only get the crystal, but also summon a chest in the southwest corner. Get the chest first, which has new ship parts.

Grab the Square Crystal and head straight to the northwest corner, where the switch will be. The flames will go away, letting you go back to B8.

B8 - B9
Run straight down and grab the Round Crystal. Since this reactivates the spikes, go back out and around to where the thermal is to get back over the wall.

Return to B9, run to the north center room and place the crystal in the appropriate switch. Then run back down the stairs to B8.

Back on B8, you must get the Triangle Crystal back. Carefully get back to and cross the invisi-bridge, and make it back to the upper corner where you placed the Triangle Crystal. Grab it and walk the dangerous walk back to the other side, over the wall and back to B9.

On B9, place the Triangle Crystal in the associated switch, then, obviously, run back and grab the Square Crystal, and then run it back to the center. With all three crystals placed in the switches, the main door opens. Inside is your reward: the third piece of the Sea Chart! What a trial.