Heart Piece Locations

Heart Location Requirements Description
#1 Northern Faron Woods Lantern In the cave, light both torches
#2 Forest Temple - Put a bombling in the flower's mouth
#3 Forest Temple Gale Boomerang Put out all 4 torches
#4 Southern Hyrule Field Gale Boomerang Hit the middle tree with the boomerang
#5 South Hyrule Field: Kakariko Gorge Gale Boomerang Get on the cliff next to it
#6 Ordon Village Epona Play the herding game
#7 Goron Mines Iron Boots Go to the room that you walk on the ceiling. Take the path to the right
#8 Goron Mines Iron Boots On the 2nd floor
#9 Kakariko Village Hero Bow Go to the north watchtower. Play the archery game with the boy
#10 Kakariko Village Iron Boots Put a bomb next to the south cave entrance. Use the boots in the lake
#11 Kakariko Village Gale Boomerang & Bomb Arrow Blow up the rocks with your bomb arrows
#12 West Hyrule Field Bombs & Clawshot Blow up the really big rock
#13 Water Temple Clawshot Use your clawshot on the light in the middle of the room
#14 Water Temple Clawshot Make both of the waterways full of water. Make the east waterway redirect to the spiral stairs
#15 Lake Hylia Clawshot Go to the back of the spirit spring and light the torches
#16 Lake Hylia Bombs & Lantern Blow up the wall that is south of the skill stone
#17 East Hyrule Field Arrows & Bombs & Hookshot & Iron Boots Go north of the bridge. Use your hookshot on the cliff. Use your boots to get to the bottom of the cave.
#18 Gerudo Dessert - Attack the pig
#19 Fishing Hole - Its in the middle of the lake
#20 Sand Dungeon Hookshot There is a room with 4 poes, hookshot to the northwest corner
#21 Sand Dungeon Spinner Its in the north west room, on a ledge
#22 North Hyrule Feild Bombs & Spinner Blow up the north east exit
#23 North Eldin Bridge Spinner & Wolf Form Past the bridge, go left. Dig in the middle of the grass. Kill them all
#24 Death Mountain - Get a boost from the Goron. enter the cave
#25 Lake Hylia Wolf Form Talk to the bird. Get at least 10,000 points in the game
#26 Lake Hylia - Play the chicken game. Get to the top
#27 Kakariko Village - Donate 1000 rupees to Malo Mart. Talk to Goron to deliver a barrel.
#28 Castle Town - Donate 1000 rupees to the man at the east gate
#29 Kakariko Gorge Bombs & Lantern Blow up the wall on the west side
#30 Snow Temple Ball & Chain Make the chandeliers swing then jump on them
#31 Snow Temple Ball & Chain Below the hookshot target, smash the floor
#32 North Hyrule Field Ball & Chain Blow up the east wall, go in the cave, solve the puzzle
#33 Snowpeak - Beat the Yeti and the woman in the race
#34 Sacred Grove Bombs Beat the skull kid. Blow up the rock in the middle of that area. Dig there
#35 Temple of Time Dominion Rod Use the statue to blow up all walls and barriers
#36 Temple of Time Dominion Rod Take the statue to the 5th floor. Solve the puzzle
#37 Temple of Time Dominion Rod Move the owl statue
#38 Ordon Woods Dominion Rod Go north of the lantern shop, blow up the rocks next to the owl statue
#39 Eldin Bridge Dominion Rod Move the owl statue from the north to the south hole
#40 Hidden Village Wolf Form Beat the Hidden Village of enemies. Talk to the Cucco Leader and play the game. Talk to all 20 cats
#41 Sky Temple Double Clawshot Beat the plant boss on the east side of the temple. Shoot all bats with arrows.
#42 Sky Temple Double Clawshot 2nd floor, east side, use the clawshot on the plants.
#43 Twilight Temple Clawshot Use "light" on the the waterfall of darkness on the far right
#44 Twilight Temple - Go to the west side of the temple. Use "light" on the orb
#45 Kakariko Gorge Double Clawshot Use the clawshot on the rocks on the north east side of the gorge