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Final Fantasy X Cheats
  •  Aeon Abilities
  • list of prerequisits to learn skills and spells by: Mog
  •  Aeon List
  • descriptions, locations, uses by: Mog
  •  Affection Levels
  • cutscene changes, tips, etc by: Mog
  •  Al Bhed Primers
  • Al Bhed to English equivalent, locations by: Mog
  •  AP Tricks
  • max AP and S levels by: Mog
  •  Blue Magic
  • names, learn from by: Mog
  •  Bribe List
  • enemies, prices, locations by: Mog
  •  Cactuar Sidequest
  • walkthrough, prizes, locations by: Mog
  •  Chocobo Guide
  • goals, times, prizes, locations by: Mog
  •  Compound List
  • attacks, damage, effects by: Mog
  •  Ending Lyrics
  • when you beat the game by: Mog
  •  Equipment Abilities
  • item requirements, abilities by: Mog
  •  Gameshark Codes
  • cheat codes by: Mog
  •  Item Uses
  • what which items can do by: Mog
  •  Mix List
  • item upgrades list by: Mog
  •  Mixed Item Uses
  • descriptions by: Mog
  •  Monster Arena
  • capture list, prices, prizes, strategies by: Mog
  •  Side Quests
  • where to get which summons by: Mog
  •  Spheres
  • rare spheres, effects, locations by: Mog
  •  Steal List by Item
  • monster, item to steal, amount, location by: Mog
  •  Steal List by Monster
  • monster, item to steal, amount, location by: Mog
  •  Temples' Guide
  • walkthroughs for each temple by: Mog
  •  Thunder Plains
  • bolt strikes, map, prizes, tips by: Mog
  •  Ultimate Weapons
  • sigils, crests, locations, how-tos by: Mog
  •  Walkthrough
  • start to finish by: M.Shinobu

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    1/18/2009     Blitzball
    - anyone recommend good players for when you just st...
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    JAP: 07/19/2001
    USA: 12/17/2001
    EUR: 05/24/2002
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    Final Fantasy X, the PS2 debut of the series, marks the installment in which the series makes the graphical leap to fully-polygonal. The story follows a young Blitzball player named Tidus, who sees his world nearly destroyed by Sin. Following this catastrophic event, Tidus meets up with the rest of the game's main cast, Yuna, Wakka, Rikku, Lulu, and Kimahri, and together they set out on a journey to thwart the malevolent Sin.
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