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Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls Cheats
  •  FF1 Secret Dungeons
  • unlockable only in FF DoS by: Mog
  •  FF2 Soul of Rebirth
  • unlockable bonus dungeon by: Mog
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    JAP: 07/29/2004
    USA: 11/29/2004
    EUR: 12/03/2004
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    Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls changes the classic gaming series' at its origins. Now you can feel how it was for those old-school role-players, when they discovered its intense, immersive gameplay! All-new dungeons and dialogue scenes to challenge and thrill gamers. The graphics and sound have all vastly improved and if you have played a few other FF's, you may recognse some of the extra bosses. The new versions also come with a plethora of weapons and Items seen in later FF's.
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