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Parasite Eve Cheats
  •  EX Mode
  • after you beat the game by: Mog
  •  Extra
  • cheats, tips, secrets by: Mog
  •  Gameshark
  • cheat codes by: Mog
  •  Storyline
  • character analyzations by: Mog
  •  Walkthrough
  • start to finish by: NRokk
  •  Weapons
  • stats by: Mog
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    JAP: 03/29/1998
    USA: 10/28/1998
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    Mitochondria: Tiny organisms that are present in every cell of your body.. And after millions of years of docility, they're about to revolt ... Detective Aya Brea unravels a sub-cellular conspiracy in an adventure packed with a modern sci-fi plot and stunning visuals.
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