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Aya Brea is the main character of Parasite Eve. She has been on the police force for 6 months but still hasn't proven herself or developed a cop's instinct. Her partner, Daniel Dollis, is always watching out for her, but at times might be too damn protective. After losing her mother and sister in an accident when she was a child, Aya grew determined to become a detective. Aya has spent most of her time in foster homes. Although quiet on the surface, she can be stubborn and unyielding. She and her partner Daniel or often called "the father and daughter team," due to arguments that occur quite often.
Aya and her boyfriend have decided to go to Carnegie Hall to watch an opera. "She" awakens on this destined day. Suddenly, the actors and audience burst into flames during the performance. While the entire theatre is in a frenzy, Aya is the only one who doesn't combust. Through the screams of terror one actress laughs loudly by herself... "Who are you!?", Aya asks. "I...I am EVE." Aya takes her gun and moves toward the stage. So begins the final battle for survival between the human race and the mitochondria...
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