- The cover has a CG Einhänder ship against a dark gray background.
- The manual pages are in simple blacks and whites.
- The jewel case is transparent so the CG art underneath is visible on the CD.
- The CD is bare white with the name 'Einhander' engraved.
- The cover has a 'transparent' blueish background.
- The manual pages are in high resolution color.
- The jewel case is plain black.
- The CD is a very dark blue with the name 'Einhander' engraved.
(It comes with a poster and instruction booklet)

- The 'Accept' and 'Cancel' buttons are X and Triangle.
- When paused the options are 'CONTINUE' and 'QUIT'.
- The display for the number of credits/lives left is: 'xFIGHTERS LEFT'.
- Switching positions of the gun arm is instant.
- The Cannon gunpod has low ammo but can be pressed repeatedly for rapid fire.
- The 'Accept' and 'Cancel' buttons are Circle and X.
- When paused the options are 'EXIT' and 'TITLE'.
- The display for the number of credits/lives left is: 'REST xFIGHTERS'.
- Switching positions of the arm takes about one second.
- The Cannon gunpod has high ammo but cannot shoot very quickly.

- Gallery: Its start screen lets you choose which artwork you want to view. The numbers range 00 to 99. The gallery has many CG pictures, mostly of enemies and bosses.
- Gallery: The Gallery is hell to navigate through. There is no selection, no range of 00 through 99.. Which means you must start at 00. If you want to go to artwork number 75, you have to go through 01-74 before you can view it.

- Free Mode: This was taken out of the USA version. To get this option, you must beat the game on medium or hard, and get all 21 of the S. Bonuses. Once you complete this difficult task, go to the Configuration menu. Under the Difficulty option there is now a "Free" option. At 'game start' you have the option of selecting stages. You also have infinite continues.

- The angle/pitch of the screen right before the fifth level boss, seems to glitch. In the upper-left corner of the screen, a black square patch appears. It covers about three to five percent of the screen. It disappears after two or three seconds. However, this is fixed in the USA version, but the patch can still be seen.