About Einhander: Half a century has passed since the Great War turned the world to ashes. Mankind was already facing the twilight of their time, but the flames of war still demanded sacrifices. Our nation, Selene, an alliance of moon megalopoli, after demanding the return of the "Holy Land" of Gesetz from Earth's remaining nations, declared war and invaded.

The war dragged on, and I enlisted, hoping to be sent to earth. After completing harsh training and ideological re-education, I was ordered on a reconnaissance mission of an enemy capital. In my fighter plane, I descended to Earth, alone.

In my fading consciousness, a single doubt remained. Were the allied forces really late, or...? Then, right before the end, I thought I saw countless white angels circling down from an endless heaven. The only thing that kept me alive under the intense gunfire from my allies was one burning question, "Why are they after me?"

The earth I saw wasn't the Utopia my superiors spoke of, but rather a vast wasteland, like the moon. I knew then the war was already purposeless. But perhaps, for the leaders, war itself was the purpose...

After the battle, both sides, no longer able to fight, agreed to a temporary cease-fire. Gradually, the people on each side became aware of the conditions of the other, naturally leading to the end of the war. Although no Utopia, a temporary balance fell over the world again. But the name of the one who indirectly brought about the end of the war was completely erased from the official records of both powers.

Now, only those who actually fought and were wounded in the war know the name of...