Have 999,999,999 Score
80080FE0 C9FF
80080FE2 3B9A
Infinite Lives:
800813C4 0003
80085718 00A5
Infinite Special:
Weapon ammo:
80084832 000F
80084834 000F
**Have Unknown Fighter Type I
(more info on unknown fighters below)
D0083E2C 0010
80081434 0003
**Have Unknown Fighter Type II
(more info on unknown fighters below)
D0083E2C 0010
80081434 0004
Have All Ships
801FBAFE 0003
801FBB00 0004
801FBB04 0005
Score Multiplayer always at 40:
80081326 0028
Enable Gallery With All Pictures:
Select Special Gallery in Options Menu
800AC57C 0005
*Infinite Top Pod Ammo:
80084982 000F
*Press triangle to refill ammo to ????:
(Use any 1111-CCCC combo below. ie: 18A4, 94BB, etc)
D0083E2C 0010
80084832 ????
80084834 ????

Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Code
   1 - Vulcan
   2 - Wasp
   3 - Grenade
   4 - Cannon
   5 - Blade
   6 - Hedgehog
   7 - Spreader
   8 - Riot
   9 - Flash
   A - Python
   B - Mosquito
   C - Juno

*Always use the infinite ammo codes with the weapon select codes.
**For unknown fighter codes, push triangle button at 'select fighter' screen.

Unknown Fighter I:
It's exactly like the police hovercars that attack you in the first stage. Your firepower
will upgrade each time you get a gunpod (don't expect anything spectacular, though)
until level 20. The X button activates the police lights. If you dont know what
"police cars" Im talking about: They are the first enemy craft that attack you in the game.

Unknown Fighter II:
You have to finish the game on Härd to get the Unknown Fighter II. Its
basically Mk. II, but it starts with 9999 ammo, and gets 9999 ammo from
any pod it retrieves, and its red.