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                              Introduction                          x-xx
      /                       General Advice
     ¯¯¯                           Choose the Best Fighter          1-01
     ___                           Configure Controls               1-02
      ]                            Choose the Best Gunpods          1-03
     ¯¯¯                           Anticipate Attacks               1-04
     __                            Game Structure                   1-05
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     ¯¯                       Walkthrough
     ___                           Level 1 - Imperial Capital       2-01
      /                            Level 2 - Armored Trains         2-02
     ¯¯¯                           Level 3 - Supply Tunnels         2-03
     ___                           Level 4 - Subterranean Base      2-04
     \_/                           Level 5 - Aerialport             2-05
                                   Level 6 - Stratagem Spacecraft   2-06
      _                            Level 7 - Hyperion               2-07
     ___                           Version History                  3-01
     /\/                           Acknowledgements                 3-02
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INTRODUCTION                                                             x-xx
     The following is a documentation of the strategies I use to play
     Einhander. Separated into two parts, this guide will first give
     general hints of gameplay. This section is for those who are
     starting out and are being overwhelmed with the game, which is
     quite different from the traditional shooter. [1] Second, I'll
     describe every step required in order to play a perfect game in
     which you never get hit and at the same time acquire sixteen Secret
     Bonuses. This strategy will allow you to obtain the two bonus
     fighters, the Schabe and Selene. [2] Indeed, it is easy to simply
     finish the game, and only relatively difficult to attain the
     Selene, but a flawless victory will test your mettle.

     This is my first strategy guide, so I've tried to establish as much
     depth as possible by writing in detail about the strategy and the
     many aspects of the game. As a seemingly simple shooter, Einhander
     is surprisingly deep. While Square doesn't really need more
     recognition, the ingenuity employed in this fantastic first attempt
     at a shooter should be acknowledged. Granted, I've probably logged
     more hours on this game than the vast majority of players, so I'd
     appreciate the game more than most people. In fact, as of this
     writing, I still sometimes play through it for kicks. As I said
     before, sometimes I can beat it without dying, but in no way is it
     a guaranteed occurrence. For me, Einhander has a perfect difficulty
     level. Whenever I get towards the end of level five, still on my
     first life, I get nervous from a sense of imminent doom. I'll
     usually die eventually, but when I manage to get through the whole
     game unscathed, the feeling of accomplishment is thrilling!

      1. Einhander has a relatively high learning curve compared to
         other shooters. In order to improve, you'll have to be
         proficient with the controls, memorize enemy patterns, learn
         the Gunpods' characteristics, and find the best combination of
         Gunpods that will propel you through the entire game.

      2. There are a total of five playable ships, including two bonus
         fighters known only as Unknown Fighter Type I and II. The first
         --called the Schabe, according to Zach Keene as noted in his
         excellent FAQ--is awarded by getting at least fifteen Secret
         Bonuses in a game (it is not necessary to beat the game,
         however). The second fighter, called the Selene, is awarded by
         beating the game on the hard difficulty using no more than two
         continues. But why settle for using up two continues? Try to do
         it without continuing at all. It's great to be able to set new
         challenges. As an incentive for not using any continues, you'll
         get a good evaluation and high score, since the game doesn't
         acknowledge any work after continuing.

     Choose the Best Fighter                                             1-01
     I recommend using the Endymion Mk II exclusively, rather than the
     Endymion Mk III [3] or the Astrea Mk I. [4] While it can only use
     one Gunpod at a time and has a single-shot machine gun, it allows
     you to reserve up to three Gunpods. This configuration allows you
     to use the best Gunpod out of three for any particular situation.
     You don't want to be facing a level boss with a Vulcan, waste
     Grenade rounds on small enemies, or be stuck with the Riot in a
     swarm. The Mk II allows for Gunpod combinations effective in all

     Since only one Gunpod is used at a time, it is possible to stock up
     on Gunpods collected along the way and protect them from damage
     when not in use. [5] Despite the fact that a Gunpod yields only
     two-thirds of the ammo compared to the two other fighters, it's
     possible to reserve over five hundred rounds of Wasp ammo and over
     two hundred rounds of Cannon ammo during the course of a single
     game. There's no way that could happen with the other fighters.

      3. The Endymion Mk III is recommended for beginners. If you must,
         practice with this fighter and learn the various Gunpods'
         characteristics. This is how I started playing the game, but
         later realized that the Mk III is an inferior craft. Once
         comfortable with the Mk III, step up to the Mk II.

      4. The Astrea Mk I is perhaps the most difficult to use. While the
         power of two simultaneous Gunpods sounds good, keeping track of
         the direction of fire of each Gunpod is very distracting.
         You're likely to concentrate on where you're shooting, but be
         unaware of the bullets coming at you. Also, when you pick up a
         Gunpod, you have to position yourself so that it attaches to
         the intended top or bottom position, and it's not always
         reliable. Having two Gunpods exposed makes your fighter quite
         large, so the levels in which you have to navigate tight
         corridors will be that much tougher. Remember that some
         Gunpods, such as the Grenade and Spreader, are only useful in
         one position, effectively limiting your Gunpod combinations.
         For example, forward shooting Grenades would not allow for
         homing Wasps. All things considered, the Astrea will give you
         more trouble than it's worth.

      5. Gunpods can block bullets. While Gunpods can protect you from
         fire, they do incur damage, although their performance isn't
         hindered. The Gunpod's label on the lower left corner will be
         green for minimal or no damage, yellow for moderate damage, and
         red for severe damage. The Gunpod itself will also flash red in
         this state and will be destroyed when further damage is
         incurred. While Gunpods can be a lifesaver, please do not
         become accustomed to "collecting" enemy fire. In any shooter,
         you should instinctively get out of the way of the trajectory
         of all incoming bullets.

     Configure Controls                                                  1-02
     Configure your buttons for ease of use. The following setup will
     allow you to change speed, swap Gunpods and change their positions,
     all the while constantly shooting your machine gun.

         Square   Arm 1 (fire machine gun)
         X        Arm 2 (fire Gunpod)
         R1       move manipulator
         R2       speed up
         L2       speed down
         Circle   Gunpod Select (right)
         L1       Gunpod Select (left)

     Keep the tip of your right thumb on the square button and roll your
     thumb over the X button to shoot both guns at the same time, if
     necessary. The left thumb is for the directional pad. Place both
     index fingers on the shoulder buttons. The middle, ring, and pinkie
     fingers on each hand work with the palms to maintain grip on the
     PlayStation controller's handles. For the most part, circle and
     triangle will go unused.

     Notice that in this configuration, Gunpod swapping is controlled by
     a single button, L1, and moves the active Gunpod selection to the
     left. There is a purpose for this. Let's say during a game you are
     actively using a Cannon. The Gunpod labels on the bottom left of
     the screen might read C__. When another good Gunpod appears, such
     as the Grenade (CG_), you may pick it up, immediately revert back
     to the Cannon, and resume playing as before. In time, you can
     develop a rhythm for this and do it quickly out of reflex without
     looking at the labels.

     Choose the Best Gunpods                                             1-03
     Some weapons are better than others. In choosing the right Gunpods,
     try to pick up only the most powerful ones [6], and avoid the weak,
     yet versatile Gunpods, such as the Vulcan or Spreader. Pick up
     those only when you have an empty Gunpod slot. [7] Why do this?
     Because the machine gun is quite versatile on its own, even if it
     is a pea-shooter. Most levels contain small enemies that can be
     destroyed in one or a few shots of the machine gun. If you can
     dispatch enemies without using Gunpods, ammo is conserved. The
     following is a ranking of the Gunpods, best to worst:

     Flash is simply the best weapon in the game. Its concentrated beam
         can tear through everything and wastes no time doing so. But
         don't let it get out of control, because it doesn't last long.
         It is very important to be aware of exactly how many rounds are
         remaining because every shot is precious, so don't shoot unless
         it's something big. As a bonus, its large shape allows it to be
         used as a shield. Appears only twice: level three and level
         five midboss (see footnote 9).

     Grenade is fun to use. There's nothing quite like how a single
         Grenade gets lobbed into the air from out of its canister,
         glides gracefully in a perfect arc in absolute silence, and 
         detonates in a large explosion that invariably leads to the
         destruction of the intended target. However fun, its arching
         path is somewhat difficult to aim, and doesn't span the whole
         screen, so you'll have to learn to be proficient with it. Also,
         there's not a whole lot of rounds for each Gunpod, so savor the
         moment. Appears seldomly in every level except seven.

     Juno is just like a Vulcan but it is oh so much more powerful. Its
         ammo depletes quickly, and only shows up in a few places, but
         it's a blast once you get it. However, the wobbling is annoying
         and causes a lot of wasted ammo. Use it deliberately and
         sparingly. Appears only three times: level one endboss, level
         four submarine, and level seven.

     Wasp is the most versatile weapon in the game. Its two modes allow
         for homing capability and a slower, more powerful standard
         attack. However, its moderate power is best used to eliminate
         the smaller enemies that attack in massive swarms. A minor
         problem arises when it loses some targets that are far away,
         but those targets should be harmless anyway. When I play, I
         never lose this Gunpod. Appears frequently in every level.

     Cannon is the typical Big Gun. Its slow rate of fire is compensated
         by its per-shot power. Since it is so common, the low ammo
         count shouldn't be a problem. It's best used for medium-sized
         enemies which can be destroyed in just a few hits. It'll rip
         through a whole line of small targets and each hit will stop a
         medium sized enemy in its tracks, causing it to reel back a bit
         due to the Cannon's stopping power. A fine weapon. This is
         another Gunpod I have with me at all times during gameplay.
         Appears frequently in every level.

     Hedgehog is a deceptively effective weapon. It looks pretty lame
         due to its short range, but the Hedgehog is not only powerful,
         but it lingers momentarily, so it can hit a single target
         numerous times over. A neat side effect is that once a large
         enemy is hit, it will seem to be stunned for a short time,
         unable to move or attack. This is a very important tip to
         remember. The Hedgehog's vertical attack is actually its best
         trait, allowing you to shoot enemies from beyond their attack
         angle. This is definitely a weapon for those who aren't afraid
         of getting up close and personal. If you don't mind getting
         dangerously close to an enemy, the Hedgehog is a very important
         part of your arsenal and one that I keep with me during most of
         the game. It's an excellent weapon to use against bosses and
         midbosses. Appears often in levels two through six.

     Spreader is for those who just can't aim the machine gun. It's an
         interesting weapon because it's very weak from a distance and
         yet very devastating in close quarters. This is because it is
         restricted to one shot per screen, so it can have both slow and
         rapid fire. Remember this tactic when facing the solid rocket
         boosters in level six. Appears seldomly in every level.

     Vulcan is littered throughout the game. That's probably its best
         trait. It has the highest ammo count, but it also goes through
         it like popcorn. Perhaps the main problem with the Vulcan is
         that it is too similar to the machine gun on the Endymion, so
         having the Vulcan equipped is redundant. The two will do about
         the same amount of damage, but the Vulcan has limited ammo. The
         rapid fire could possibly be an asset, but you should learn to
         use the machine gun proficiently, and there really aren't many
         moments in which you get swarmed. The fact that the barrel
         wobbles is also detrimental to good strategy. Pick up the
         Vulcan only if you're naked. Appears frequently in every level.

     Riot is very nice until you have to use it on demand. Once fully
         charged it discharges a large electrical blast that goes
         through armor to damage the enemy's core, sometimes causing
         instant destruction for most medium-sized enemies.
         Unfortunately, the blast has a limited range and it is slow to
         charge, requiring a couple of seconds between blasts. Ever
         notice how big it is? It acts well as a shield. Appears
         seldomly in every level.

     Blade is really only for show because it looks and sounds like a
         lightsaber. By quickly pressing down and forward, the beam
         extends. While in this state, toggling the Gunpod's position
         up and down looks pretty slick as it slashes the air. But it
         won't hit much more than dead air, all the while its power is
         draining away. Never pick up this Gunpod. Appears seldomly in
         levels three to six.

     Python is a very unusual weapon because it spreads a series of
         grenade-like pods connected together. While each pod is very
         powerful, the string shoots out and just floats in the middle
         of the screen. Their position is unpredictable as well, so
         there's no way to actually aim for a target. Use of this Gunpod
         comes down to throwing it out there and hoping that something
         runs into it. You can't shoot again until the first shot is
         gone, either. This may be worth getting if you're desperate,
         but it's quite rare, so don't worry about it. Appears only
         once, in level 5, making it the rarest Gunpod.

     Mosquito is very strange because you can control its path. Sounds
         good? Not at all. Keeping track of the path of each Mosquito
         missile won't allow you to pay attention to enemy fire or your
         own ship's movement. That means you'll get hit and not even
         know why or run into things because you were trying hard to
         make the Mosquito make contact with ANYTHING. Its only saving
         grace is that each missile is very powerful. But then, if you
         don't hit anything with them, they're wasted. Don't even
         consider picking this thing. Good thing it's extremely rare.
         Appears only twice: level three and its second Secret Bonus
         (see footnote 15).

      6. The Mosquito and Python Gunpods are extremely powerful, perhaps
         the equivalent of the Grenade. Yet they are to be avoided
         because they are unreliable. Most of the time, they'll miss the
         intended target. The Blade has decent power, but its short
         range makes it unusable.

      7. Sometimes, when you have a spare slot, it is best to keep it
         open despite the availability of an inferior Gunpod. After all,
         it's better than nothing, right? But if all your slots are
         filled, picking up another Gunpod different from the three
         already equipped will replace the currently active Gunpod. If
         you leave a slot open, you won't have to juggle Gunpods, and
         may quickly pick them up without really thinking about it. In
         Einhander, a moment's hesitation could make all the difference.

     Anticipate Attacks                                                  1-04
     You're going to have to memorize enemy encounters and their attack
     patterns. Line up your guns to the enemy before they appear and get
     out of the range of their fire before they shoot, which usually
     takes some time. Use this opportunity to take them out quickly,
     before they get the chance to fire. This is why it is important to
     pick up the most powerful Gunpods. Once large enemies appear, take
     them out quickly using a powerful Gunpod and immediately move on to
     another target. [8] Also important is proper use of the machine
     gun. Whenever possible and convenient, try to get close to a large
     enemy. The machine gun's rate of fire will be significantly greater
     than shooting from a distance. This tactic applies to the Grenade,
     Spreader, and Cannon Gunpods, as well.

     Except for the small individual bullets, enemy fire will be
     preceded by a hint that it's about to be unleashed. Typically,
     you'll be able to see the signs of a devastating attack before it
     occurs. Guns may glow with energy. An enemy may take a moment to
     get into its attack position. And in case you're too busy to look
     at the enemy's activities, the game provides audible clues that
     you're about to be fired upon. For example, the first level's
     midboss carries two guns, a Vulcan and a Spreader, and flies around
     the screen with agility. Yet he's pretty easily defeated because
     you can anticipate his attacks. He'll extend his weapon arm and
     stop moving right before he shoots, allowing you to move out of his
     range of fire. If both of his guns are destroyed, he'll pull out
     one big-ass cannon. Every shot released from his cannon is preceded
     by the glowing of its barrel, as well as a big sucking sound,
     indicating that it's being charged. Take advantage of these cues to
     get out of the way.

     In conclusion, here are the most important, yet vague, pieces of
     advice: Play aggressively. Prevention is the key. The best defense
     is a good offense. No more clinging to the left of the screen with
     an unlimited, screen-filling spread shot waiting for enemies to run
     into your fire while wading through streams of bullets. No more
     enduring lengthy boss battles. No more cheap deaths! Don't let
     enemies make the first move. The Endymion has the potential to be a
     flying arsenal. You have the power to be the bully.

      8. I think this is what makes Einhander so great. Sure, it can get
         incredibly tough, but there's always a feeling that the game
         gave you a chance to survive, but you just didn't take the
         opportunity to use good strategy to take advantage of it.
         There's never a "cheap" moment that requires all luck and no
         skill. Perhaps because Square has decided to leave out the
         "super bomb", they made sure there is always a means of escape.
         I think other shooters forget about that. Raystorm, another
         PlayStation shooter, is notorious for being cheap. It has super
         bombs, but I try not to use them because it's more fun to
         frantically dodge innumerable bullets, unless a boss unleashes
         the dreaded random bullet spray or the big laser volley. That's
         definitely a super bomb moment.

     Game Structure                                                      1-05
     Most shooters are very simple. This is probably because they
     originated in the arcade, where a typical game lasts only a few
     minutes. The player is required to learn the mechanics of the game
     in that short time; if not, it's game over and frustration sets in.
     Generally, vertically-scrolling shooters (e.g. Raiden, Twin Cobra,
     Strikers) only utilize two buttons: fire and "super bomb". Even
     after the turn of the century, vertical shooters such as 1944 and
     Giga Wing 2 have maintained these conventions. On the other hand,
     horizontal shooters (e.g. R-Type, Gradius) have typically offered
     controls that are more versatile (or complicated, depending on how
     you look at it), allowing for weapon control, but no screen-
     clearing "super bomb". Quick reflexes and good strategy are
     important to success, rather than an instant escape mechanism. Some
     of the best shooters (e.g. Gaiares, Thunder Force), however, build
     on that precedent to allow for speed adjustment and enemy weak
     points. Games such as R-Type Delta and Einhander go even further by
     including various weapon firing modes. Shooters have advanced very
     slowly in fifteen years' time.

     Since Einhander follows a long heritage of shooters, it builds on
     its predecessors' innovations. For example, Einhander's control
     system is more complex than any other shooter because it utilizes
     seven buttons whose versatility allows for great control of
     movement and weapons. Its weapon system is based on "power ups"
     like so many other shooters, but Einhander is one of the few
     shooters that features limited ammunition, making it even more
     difficult. A common situation that beginners face occurs when they
     run out of ammunition and are naked, essentially, with only a lowly
     machine gun to fend off the oncoming hoards. Einhander's Gunpod
     system is so involved that half the challenge comes from weapons
     management. The limited ammunition of the weapons requires constant
     replenishment or replacement and their varied abilities force the
     player to be selective. In this game, long-term strategy is just as
     important as quick reflexes.

     Similar to the Gradius and R-Type series, Einhander features a
     checkpoint system in which players who are shot down are forced
     back to certain points in the game. Many players dread shooters
     with checkpoints, but they have their benefits. Einhander's
     checkpoints force players to progress on their own merits rather
     than using continues and thirty lives to inch through the game.
     Additionally, players always revert back to a safe spot that
     provides Gunpods and doesn't include hostiles. Without a checkpoint
     system, players are thrust into situations in which they are naked
     with no powerups available and the whole screen is a danger zone.
     And with a total of thirty lives available, it would be too easy to
     "buy victory". Arcade vertical shooters, in particular, have these
     problems. This is what most likely happens: after a long stretch in
     which players build up powerful weapons and the levels likewise
     increase in difficulty, getting shot leaves the player powerless.
     Death comes quickly at this point and the only solution is to
     insert another quarter. This sense of hopelessness is what
     discourages players.

     Einhander never gives players that sense of hopelessness. Since the
     game was released on a home console, it allows players to develop a
     long-term strategy after attempting innumerable failed trials. In
     that time, players learn the mechanics of the game and take
     advantage of its conventions. For example, I recommended that
     players learn the characteristics of the Gunpods, one at a time,
     before attempting to manage three Gunpods simultaneously.
     Additionally, the game's presentation not only indicates a polished
     product, but also provides the player with visual and aural cues to
     aid survival from enemy attacks. The cause of death is always
     known, and perhaps next time it can be avoided. This is what
     compels players to return to the game despite suffering countless

     Einhander's conventions engage players by giving them the power to
     learn and make decisions. By introducing elements of improvisation,
     experimentation, and even a little exploration, players are more
     involved in the dynamics of the game. Collectively, Einhander's
     controls, weapons, and presentation result in a shooter with
     incredible depth.

     When I state to use a certain Gunpod at a certain time, assume it
     to be in conjunction with the machien gun. Never stop shooting the
     machine gun, unless otherwise stated. Success depends on Gunpod
     availability, so any changes to the Gunpod configuration will be
     indicated by three letters (e.g. HCW means Hedgehog, Cannon, Wasp).
     Although only fifteen Secret Bonuses are required to obtain the
     Schabe bonus fighter, I'll make note of sixteen of the easier ones,
     just in case you miss one.

     Level 1 - Imperial Capital                                          2-01
     F__. You start the game in the Endymion Mk II with thirty rounds of
     Flash [9] and with level two speed. Immediately increase speed to
     level three. [10] With the machine gun, destroy the first wave of
     cars (about six) and the first transport. Pick up its released
     Vulcan Gunpod. Your Gunpod slots should read FV_. Shoot the next
     wave of approximately twenty cars using only the Vulcan to get a
     point bonus. [11] Pick up the Spreader Gunpod from the transport
     that follows and use it on the next wave of cars. FVS. Replace the
     Vulcan with the Cannon from the next transport. FCS. Replace the
     Spreader with the Wasp that comes shortly after. FCW. Note that
     this should be your Gunpod configuration throughout level one and
     two. Hitting all the neon signs will yield the first Secret Bonus.
     [12] Increase speed to level four (top speed) and move up and down
     the limits of the screen. Once you destroy all the neon signs,
     reduce to level three speed for the next wave of small cars and
     transports. Limit yourself to only one Cannon shot for each
     transport and use the machine gun for the small enemies. Destroying
     all transports will yield the second Secret Bonus.

     Midboss: SPJ-15 Greif (Griffin). Destroy its lower section with the
     Flash to get the third Secret Bonus. The midboss aligns itself to
     your position, so that its head is aligned with your ship. The
     Flash, in its lower position, conveniently points downward directly
     at the midboss's saucer section. It should take only five direct
     hits. Shoot it only when it's not shooting at you to avoid stray
     bullets. It helps to shoot it as soon as it stops moving to avoid
     missing. The easiest method is to shoot its lower section twice,
     destroying its armor. It'll reel back a bit and take a moment to
     get back into position. At this point, quickly shoot it three more
     times to finish it off. As it falls down, it'll make a last ditch
     effort to shoot you twice with its spreader.

     Destroying the midboss's bottom section will cause your fighter to
     take a detour to the ruins of the pre-war megalopolis. Use the Wasp
     for the descent underground. As you go down, temporarily stop using
     the machine gun and instead shoot all enemies with the Wasp's
     homing missile mode. The Anglers require two Wasps each. Pick up
     any Cannon or Wasp Gunpods, nothing else.

     Once you return to the surface, resume shooting the machine gun and
     use the Cannon as before. One Cannon shot will instantly destroy
     the tough armor attached to the trains and the machine gun will
     finish them off. Use four homing Wasp missiles on the four small
     enemies in the tunnel before the level boss.

     Endboss: SPKB-03 Drache (Dragon). Immediately get as close as
     possible and rapidly fire the Wasp in the downward position. Aim
     for the point in which its arm meets its main body. It looks as if
     it would be its nose, if it had one. Once its arm is destroyed, the
     endboss will move around a bit. Follow its path while shooting
     Wasps so that its critical area is constantly being hit. Ideally,
     the endboss will die right before it gets a chance to flip over. It
     should take about 70 Wasps. You should have at least 90 remaining.

     Boss Repulse Time: 12 seconds.

      9. If you're playing for the first time, you will not be able to
         select a preloaded Gunpod. Once you have saved your game
         information to a memory card, it will allow you to equip a
         Gunpod before you start your game, provided you have picked up
         that particular Gunpod in a previous game. There are only two
         opportunities to pick up a Flash Gunpod during the course of
         the game. The first opportunity is in the middle of level
         three, right after the midboss. As you descend the shaft, a
         large rotating apparatus follows your path from above. Once
         destroyed it will release a stream of little "fleas", as if
         they are spilling out. Destroy every single one of them and a
         Flash Gunpod will be the last object to fall. The second
         opportunity to obtain the Flash Gunpod is in level five, when
         you fight the midboss. Knock him down four times by destroying
         his body parts and a Secret Bonus will be awarded as well as
         the Flash Gunpod. I recommend that you attempt to obtain the
         Flash by playing in the easy difficulty setting and then
         restarting on the hard difficulty, Flash in hand.

     10. Every playable ship has four degrees of speed. Level one is
         slowest, whereas Level four is fastest. Level three speed is
         ideal because it allows the Endymion to catch up to a falling
         Gunpod. However, there are some tight areas that should be
         played at level two speed. Change speed at any time using the
         L2 and R2 shoulder buttons. When you think about it, shouldn't
         all shooters feature a futuristic spaceship capable of variable
         speed? I've always hated having to pick up a speed power-up to
         upgrade a sluggish craft in games such as Gradius.

     11. Whenever you destroy an enemy, the point gauge will increase.
         If you destroy several enemies in rapid succession, the point
         gauge will increase more. If you destroy enemies using a
         Gunpod, the point meter will increase faster than if you had
         used the machine gun. If the point meter goes beyond 16x
         (indicating that the next enemy shot down will yield sixteen
         times its normal point value), it will flash for a short time
         and give your score a big boost in points. While all this is
         not necessary in obtaining the Selene fighter, a high score and
         a lot of point bonuses are important in receiving high letter
         grades in the final evaluation. However, since the game awards
         extra lives based on points, getting bonuses can be
         advantageous, but don't risk a life for them.

     12. In each level lies three hidden Secret Bonuses awarded by
         performing certain tasks. Each yields an instant 100,000
         points. While Secret Bonuses and point bonuses both add to the
         score, getting fifteen Secret Bonuses awards the Schabe.

     Level 2 - Armored Trains                                            2-02
     FCW. Start out with the Wasp equipped to nail all the little pods.
     Occasionally, some hovering ships will appear along the ground.
     Destroying them quickly will make a red one appear, which will
     yield a Secret Bonus if destroyed. However, destroying them quickly
     will not permit you to take their Gunpods. As such, I'll skip this
     Secret Bonus. Once you reach the section of the train in which
     there are four turrets that move up and down like pistons, switch
     to the Cannon. This is a great place to accumulate ammo as long as
     you don't destroy the control center. Pick up every Cannon and
     Wasp, and ignore any other Gunpods. You're going to have to destroy
     each of them as quickly as possible, so proficiency with swapping
     weapons is important. If you pick up a Wasp, immediately switch
     back to the Cannon. Try to get a rhythm for it so that you can swap
     Gunpods without specifically thinking about doing so. Destroying
     eight turrets will award the fourth Secret Bonus.

     The next portion will be somewhat tight, so use the Cannon to
     eliminate anything that comes at you. It'll tear through a whole
     line of the pods and flying droids, which makes it easy to get a
     point bonus. The walkers require several Cannon hits each. Don't be
     tempted to get the Grenades they carry. The second turret section
     is similar to the first one, except small droids will fly in
     occasionally. The method for this section is the same, except you
     have to remember to keep shooting in the area in which the droids
     appear so that they get destroyed as soon as they come into the
     playfield. Destroying another eight or so turrets will award the
     fifth Secret Bonus.

     Midboss: SKP-04 Garnele (Shrimp). Pretty simple. Position yourself
     so that the Flash, in its lower position, is pointed at the
     midboss's head. As soon as the German voice starts, [13] shoot it
     exactly six times--no more, no less. Remember that it will shoot
     three large homing missiles before it dies, and they are difficult
     to see behind the fiery explosion.

     Use Wasps for the remainder of the level. You should have plenty.

     Endboss: PGZ/L-03 Spinne (Spider). If all goes according to plan,
     you should have nineteen shots of Flash remaining. Use them all on
     the head of the endboss. Once the Flash is spent (_CW), the head
     armor should be blown apart. Switch to Cannon and continue shooting
     the head. The endboss is easy to destroy, but the first order of
     business is to get the Hedgehog Gunpod. As soon as the upper arm's
     flamethrower fires, quickly fly up and shoot it with the Cannon to
     exposing a Hedgehog Gunpod. However, don't attempt to pick it up
     because it's not ready yet. Instead, move down to line up with the
     endboss's head and resume shooting. Soon the upper arm will move
     down and attempt to shoot you with Hedgehogs. Now the arm's green
     area is vulnerable, so quickly fly up and shoot it, which will make
     the Hedgehog Gunpod available to be picked up. HCW. While obtaining
     the Hedgehog is difficult to describe, it makes the next level much
     easier, so try to get a feel for the timing. If there is enough
     room, you can safely shoot a few Hedgehogs down from above the head
     to finish off the endboss. If not, use whatever's convenient.
     Remember that you may safely fly through the center of the trio of
     blue rings it spews. The endboss will die with a satisfying groan.

     Boss Repulse Time: 25 seconds.

     13. When fighting against most of the bosses and midbosses, you
         will not be able to cause damage right away. Shoot the machine
         gun at the enemy until it starts to flash. Only then should you
         use the additional firepower of a Gunpod. Otherwise, it's just
         wasted ammo.

     Level 3 - Supply Tunnels                                            2-03
     HCW. This is where you'll be glad you picked up the Hedgehog from
     the previous endboss. The enemies on a rope with searchlights don't
     stand a chance. They will descend from the top so shoot the
     Hedgehog up at them. The only problem is, as soon as you hit them
     they'll drop down to collide with you. Simply release a series of
     Hedgehogs as you move down so that when they drop, they'll run into
     the Hedgehogs. They should be destroyed before they hit bottom,
     allowing you to snatch their Wasp Gunpods. It almost always works.
     Nevertheless, make sure to get out of their way when they drop.
     Next, three Gunpod carrying enemies will show up and stop in the
     middle of the screen. Shoot them with the Hedgehog and pick up only
     the Hedgehog Gunpod and the Cannon Gunpod they carry, since you
     already have those. Once all three are gone, these spinning snail-
     like enemies carrying two Gunpods will arise. They have tough
     armor, but the Cannon works wonders against them. Each shot from
     the Cannon will temporarily stun them so that they can't unleash
     their bullet spray. For each snail-like enemy, fire a single cannon
     shot and finish it off with the machine gun. Destroying a red one
     will award the sixth Secret Bonus.

     Midboss: SPKB-08 Gecko. Start out with the Cannon in its downward
     position and shoot the midboss's twin laser turrets as quickly as
     possible. After the turret is destroyed it will move around a lot,
     so try to avoid a collision. Once it settles down, resume pummeling
     it with your Cannon. Occasionally a truck will show up that will
     work with the midboss to perform a big laser attack that will
     severely limit your range of movement--don't let it happen. The
     trucks position themselves on the left side of the screen, so as
     soon as they are in position, quickly switch to Hedgehog and take
     them out. Better yet, destroy them before they get into that
     position. To destroy the trucks on the top of the screen, you can
     force the Cannon to angle itself upward by moving backwards. If you
     take out eight of them (including the Gunpod-carrying ones), the
     seventh Secret Bonus will be given. A good strategy is first to
     destroy trucks until you get the Secret Bonus, and then move on to
     blast the midboss itself. The midboss will shoot a homing laser as
     well as multiple green lasers. They're easily avoided; just don't
     panic and only move when necessary.

     The descent down a tube is littered with wall-clinging cranes and a
     great big plug on top. Use Hedgehogs on the plug and stay just out
     of reach of the left-sided cranes. As soon as the plug is
     destroyed, dozens of fleas will drop. Depending on how many fleas
     are destroyed, a Gunpod will also come out of the plug, but don't
     change your weapons configuration no matter how powerful the Gunpod
     may be. The heavily armored snail-like enemies will return, but
     I've already discussed how to deal with them. This is a tricky
     area, requiring you to destroy enemies quickly before they get a
     chance to fire, picking up their Gunpods, and reverting back to the
     Cannon. Once they're gone, the screen will scroll horizontally
     again. Along the floor and ceiling are arms that hold Gunpods,
     giving you the opportunity to pick up more Hedgehog, Cannon, and
     Wasp ammo.

     Endboss: PR-01 Gustav. At this point you should have at least fifty
     rounds of Hedgehog. Use them on the endboss by hovering above its
     head. Hedgehogs not only repeatedly hit the target, but they will
     stop the spinning disks. So the only thing you have to watch out
     for is the little ceiling-clinging "hands". At some point, the
     endboss will release three slow, small, exploding, homing pods from
     its back. When that happens, you may quickly move behind the
     endboss so that the pods hit the endboss in an attempt to get to
     you, which is very gratifying, especially when they manage to
     finish him off.

     Boss Repulse Time: 29 seconds.

     Level 4 - Subterranean Base                                         2-04
     HCW. Aren't you glad you stocked up on Wasps? Depending on how
     crowded it is, shoot off Wasps throughout the level and pick up any
     Gunpods already in reserve. But don't be a hero. Stay on the left
     side and be alert for any stray bullets. Keep moving.

     Submarine. Pull out that trusty Hedgehog and first destroy the
     three missile bays on the submarine's hull. Keep shooting until the
     hull explodes, at which point you should head for the control
     tower, which is attempting to escape. If successful, the submarine
     won't get a chance to attack and the eighth Secret Bonus will be
     awarded, along with a Juno Gunpod. However, don't get the Gunpod.

     Midboss: EU-46 Salamander. The midboss makes its first appearance
     while completely underwater. Take this opportunity to shoot
     Hedgehogs down at it and destroy the bit of armor on its back. At
     this point it will proceed to hang from the rails above. The ripple
     in the water indicates the midboss's position while underwater.
     Move directly above this spot and fire Hedgehogs downward. Move up
     as it rises from the water and be careful to not damage the Gunpod.
     Eventually, its head armor will be destroyed, causing it to fall
     into the water and then come back up to the rails with its exposed
     green head area. Repeat the same attack strategy as before. You'll
     know you're doing critical damage when you hear "pangs" and its
     body flashes red. [14] If successful, the midboss will die just
     before it gets a chance to attack during its second phase in which
     it hangs from the railing.

     When you come up out of the watery area the first thing you should
     do is reduce speed to level two because you'll have to maneuver
     through tight areas. Use homing Wasps to shoot enemies that are out
     of reach and head all the way down to the lowest level, where a
     Mosquito Gunpod lays behind you in a crate--avoid it. Throughout
     this area pick up Wasps and Hedgehogs. Continue to take the lowest
     route possible. The ninth Secret Bonus is awarded by destroying the
     mech that slides on its back. As soon as it appears, quickly
     destroy the mech using Hedgehogs. [15] The tenth Secret Bonus is
     awarded towards the end of the level by destroying the harmless
     ship that hovers above the series of grates. Rather than completely
     destroying the hovering ship, its engine will explode, causing it
     to fall into the grates below, and subsequently destroying the
     grates, as well. Prepare the Hedgehog in its downward position
     during the lengthy explosion sequence in the nuclear missile silo.

     Endboss: SPKB-04 Sturmvogel (Stormbird). As the endboss falls from
     the sky, get as close as possible to its head and rapidly fire
     Hedgehogs at it. Don't worry, it won't attack as long as you use
     a powerful weapon against it. Its head will explode, armor from
     heaven will arrive (watch out for it), and it will retreat out of
     the screen. A robot piloting a ship will show up carrying two
     Gunpods, so add ammo to any Gunpods already in reserve. The endboss
     should die shortly after it comes back into the screen again while
     getting pummeled by Hedgehogs. All this activity and it didn't
     even get a chance to attack. I've never been able to destroy the
     endboss before it retreats, no matter how much firepower I throw at
     it. I think the game has rigged it this way.

     Boss Repulse Time: 17 seconds.

     14. It'll sound as if you were banging on metal pots. This sound
         indicates damage to the boss's core, in which it is more prone
         to damage. Think of it as the control center on every enemy
         craft. Technically, this critical area is all that needs to be
         destroyed in order to disable any enemy, but it is usually
         covered with tough armor that must be eliminated first. It is
         very important to know the exact moment each enemy is
         destroyed. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell because a few
         of the bodily components still exist as debris. However, there
         are clues that an enemy craft has been destroyed. First, a
         surge of electricity flows through its body, indicating a
         critical malfunction. Second, if the enemy carries a Gunpod,
         the Gunpod's label will appear, indicating that it is ready to 
         be picked up. Destruction of an enemy means that it can no
         longer attack, no longer move on its own, its Gunpod can be
         acquired, and its existing body parts will not damage your
         ship. While all this seems obvious, knowing exactly when to
         stop shooting at one target and begin shooting at another
         is very important for crowd control and ammo conservation.

     15. There is actually a way to get a Grenade Gunpod out of the
         mech, but it's a bit tricky. If you wait a second or two, a
         close inspection reveals that the mech is carrying a big long 
         gun that shoots Grenades and Mosquitoes that shoot up from its
         back. The only way to get that Grenade Gunpod is to destroy the
         big gun before destroying the mech itself. This is somewhat
         difficult because you'd need a weapon that you can depend on to
         aim directly at the gun, because if the mech is  destroyed, the
         Grenade Gunpod goes with it. However, at this point you should
         only have a Hedgehog, Cannon, and Wasp Gunpods. Wasps are
         dependable for numerous targets, but not just one, so it is
         likely to hit the mech as well. Hedgehogs are difficult to aim
         and will likely destroy the mech completely. It is possible to
         aim the Cannon at the gun by angling it upward, but there are
         other enemies that must be dealt with at the same time.
         Regardless, getting the Grenade Gunpod is not part of this
         strategy. So if you're an expert looking for something to test
         your skills, go ahead and try getting the Grenade Gunpod. As
         for the Mosquito Gunpod, even if there was a way to purposely
         extract it, the reward surely isn't worth the risk.

     Level 5 - Aerialport                                                2-05
     HCW. The first couple of Gunpods you'll encounter is a Wasp and a
     Hedgehog. Pick up both. When the large, flying ship that shoots
     missiles comes, shoot it from above using the Hedgehog. The
     Hedgehog's vertical attack allows you to shoot it away from its
     range of fire. The little stationary pods that block your path have
     one of two possible attacks. The red ones will explode into a dozen
     pieces whereas the green ones form a small nova that is harmful
     when touched. The best course of action is to toss a few Hedgehogs
     at them so they don't get a chance to explode in the first place.
     At some point there will be a large harmless vehicle in the
     background. If you use a couple of Wasps to destroy it, a Python
     Gunpod will be released, but it is to be avoided. At least you'll
     get points. A Secret Bonus will be awarded if you destroy all the
     cranes that go up and down, but that's somewhat difficult to
     accomplish, so I usually ignore them. The next series of hovering
     vehicles is best dealt with by staying on the bottom and shooting
     Wasps as quickly as possible. Right before you face the midboss,
     four Gunpods in crates are available: Spreader, Hedgehog, Grenade,
     and Vulcan. Since you already have Hedgehog, increase its ammo.

     Midboss: SPKB-06 Ausf A Gestell. This monkey is one of my favorite
     bosses in the game because he's so unpredictable and animated.
     He'll often jump in and out of the background, so sometimes you
     can't hit him unless you use the Wasp. His most lethal attack is
     when he shoots his homing missiles, especially when it happens at
     the same time as another attack. If he tries to jump on top of you,
     shoot off a few Hedgehogs so that he'll fall into them. Try to
     estimate where his missile launcher would be. The sooner you get
     rid of that thing, the better. It's quite amusing how the
     Hedgehog's repeated attack makes him seem to writhe in pain. If he
     steps to the side and shoots the spray of blue lasers out of his
     arm, lower your speed to level two so that you can maneuver through
     the spray. While this is happening, keep shooting Wasps. Sometimes,
     he'll use his laser spray attack when he's towards the middle of
     the screen. When this happens, fly above his head and shoot
     Hedgehogs at his arm. The Hedgehogs will hit his shoulder armor and
     later his arm, perhaps destroying it completely and knocking him
     down. Once he gets knocked down for the first time, he gets really
     predictable. He'll jump into the background and release the
     spinning discs, so stay on the bottom left of the screen and shoot
     the discs. They may occasionally hit you, but not kill you. [16]
     Destroy his missile launcher by shooting Wasps while he's in the
     background. The Wasp missiles will go right to his missile launcher
     on his back. Usually, after the last attack, he tries to swat you
     with his hand. Quickly, very quickly, get up close to its hand and
     destroy it with a bunch of Hedgehogs and he'll get knocked down. A
     crate holding a Gunpod will fall, and he'll try to whip it at you.
     He'll jump into the background again, release the spinning disks,
     and swat you with his other hand. Destroy that one as well.
     Finally, he'll come back into the foreground. Fire a constant
     stream of Wasps to destroy his head armor. If you manage to knock
     him down four times, the eleventh Secret Bonus will be awarded as
     well as a crate holding a Flash Gunpod. If you still have some
     Hedgehogs, replace them with the Flash. Don't finish him off until
     you get the Flash. FCW.

     Obviously, the remaining areas of level five are tough. Equip the
     Wasp as your default weapon, because you'll be swarmed. Try to
     eliminate the spinning pods using a single shot of Flash for each.
     It's best to get rid of them rather than allowing them to explode.
     Once you reach the area in which there are a line of those pods in
     the center of the screen, a walker below, and a hovercraft above,
     use the Flash to get rid of all of them. Next comes the section of
     this level in which there are a line of pods along the floor and a
     bunch of little flying enemies show up at the same time. Preceding
     this area is a walker that carries a Hedgehog Gunpod. It's there
     for a reason. HCW. By positioning yourself in the middle of the
     screen and frantically shooting Hedgehogs downward, you just might
     be able to get through this area unscathed. It won't be easy, as
     you'll have to keep track of the flying enemies, the pods, and
     their innumerable fire in your peripheral vision. Later, you can
     get the twelfth Secret Bonus by shooting the large red hovering
     craft that appears in the foreground.

     Endboss: SPKB-07 Ausf D Dürer. You have been accumulating Cannon
     ammo since level three. Now is the time to use it again. The most
     important thing is to get rid of his Vulcan arm as quickly as
     possible. He should lose his Cannon arm pretty easily. Once both
     arms are destroyed, go for the head. Try go get close for rapid
     fire. His next attacks are randomized, but they're easy to avoid.
     He may charge. He may launch missiles from his rear. He may
     disperse yellow lasers. He may launch a missile from his foot. He
     may spray little blue lasers. He may materialize four pods that
     spray bullets. Whatever the attack, they all come with a warning,
     so position yourself in a safe spot, preferably in front of his
     head. An interesting tactic involves destroying the mech's bodily
     components in a series of rapid explosions. After each piece is
     destroyed, he'll reel back momentarily, and his attacks get
     canceled. The endboss won't be able to attack for a few seconds. It
     is a very useful tactic that only applies to this boss, but if
     successful, is thrilling to behold and makes the endboss look like
     a wimp.

     Boss Repulse Time: 26 seconds.

     16. As with most shooters, Einhander does not have a "health bar"
         to indicate the degree of damage that has been incurred to your
         ship. This is the kind of shooter in which one shot kills you.
         While enemy attacks cause instantaneous destruction to the
         ship, grazing walls or the ground won't have the same effect.
         Touching surfaces will automatically cause the ship to be
         repelled. But if you intentionally grind the ship into the
         surface, damage will incur and the ship will eventually be
         destroyed. The spinning discs released by the midboss is the
         only attack that will not destroy the ship instantly.

     Level 6 - Stratagem Spacecraft                                      2-06
     HCW. Solid Rocket Boosters. When in their downward position, the
     Gunpods will prevent you from colliding into the booster rockets.
     First unload all Hedgehog ammo onto the booster rocket. _CW. When
     your Hedgehogs are depleted, resort to Wasps. If those annoying
     planes are bugging you from behind, quickly swoop below them to
     pick them off with homing Wasps. Don't fly up because you're likely
     to run into the planes themselves. Once the first rocket is
     destroyed, swoop down to the next one, which is harder to destroy
     because you'll have to deal with additional defenses. Three tubes
     will emerge from between the two solid rocket boosters and will
     dispense numerous mines, large rockets, or small planes. Destroying
     three of the tubes will award the thirteenth Secret Bonus. It's
     usually faster to get this Secret Bonus than the other one, in which
     you have to destroy a small red plane that gets dispensed. You MUST
     pick up a Grenade Gunpod and save it for later. GCW. Don't worry--a
     plane will eventually come in carrying one, but only after you have
     destroyed the first booster rocket. As soon as you get the Grenade
     Gunpod and the Secret Bonus, resume shooting the second booster
     rocket with Wasps.

     Endboss: SS-01 Schwarzgeist (Black Ghost). Pick up the free Cannon
     and Wasp Gunpod. If you have Grenades, this endboss is incredibly
     easy; if not, it's a nightmare. Reduce your speed to level one and
     get as close as possible. Be careful not to damage the Gunpod in
     such close quarters. Assuming you have Grenades, quickly shoot them
     at the boss's midsection. You have thirty rounds but you'll only
     need about fifteen. As you unleash a series of Grenades, the
     endboss may begin its yellow laser spread attack. Don't worry about
     that; just stay put. Have faith that the endboss will be destroyed
     shortly, and that the yellow lasers will be cancelled. The whole
     ordeal only took four seconds! It's that easy. Before the level
     ends and the screen fades to black, increase speed to level three,
     jettison all Grenade ammo and prepare the Cannon Gunpod in its
     downward position. _CW.

     Boss Repulse Time: 4 seconds.

     Level 7 - Hyperion                                                  2-07
     _CW. As soon as you're in control, shoot the closest plane right in
     its head using the Cannon. They should go down in one shot. These
     fighter planes will come in pairs, one after the other, so don't
     pick up their Gunpods until it's safe. The fourteenth, fifteenth,
     and sixteenth Secret Bonus is awarded for every red plane you shoot
     down. If you're lucky, you'll shoot down one that carries a Juno
     Gunpod, allowing you to blindly pick it up and fill the empty
     Gunpod slot. JCW. If the planes are too intimidating, simply
     maintain movement going straight up or down. However, this area
     provides an excellent opportunity to accumulate ammo.

     The Hyperion UCS Mk X II mech is very predictable. It only has a
     few attacks, but it requires some quick maneuvering, so immediately
     maximize your speed. Once again its weak spot is its head, but due
     to its attacks, you may not be able to get a direct shot. It's best
     to fire off Wasps as quickly as possible, because they conveniently
     target its head. If you feel like a hotshot, you can try to pound
     it with Cannon rounds, which can be fun, as well. Once it releases
     the numerous little pods, just stay still and allow them to run
     into your fire. They'll soon stop moving to shoot you with their
     yellow lasers. They all target your current position, so just move
     a short distance up or down to dodge them. After all the pods have
     been destroyed, immediately move down the screen quickly because
     Hyperion will often shoot a devastating white blast at you from a
     distance. Its most deadly attacks are its two types of homing 
     missiles. If he releases the large blue homing missiles, just move
     a little out of their way and allow them to pass. They aren't very
     maneuverable so they'll take quite some time to get turned around.
     Avoiding the smaller red homing missiles is a little bit trickier.
     Try to fly in the shape of a big "C" throughout the limits of the
     screen (lower right, lower left, upper left, upper right). As long
     as you keep moving, they won't be able to hit you. Now, the biggest
     problem you'll have is when Hyperion simultaneously releases both
     the blue and red homing missiles. It's best to dodge these the same
     way you'd dodge the red missiles and hope that you won't run into
     any stray blue missiles.

     Boss Repulse Time: 1 min 50 seconds (Cannon).
                        1 min 09 seconds (Wasp).

     Revision History                                                    3-01
     3:  Removed a previous section on differences with the Japanese
         version because I finally got a hold of the U/C version.
         Simplified the strategy to rely on a Hedgehog, Cannon, and Wasp
         configuration for most of the game. Changed the focus of the
         walkthrough from "getting the Selene" to "getting sixteen
         Secret Bonuses and play the whole game without dying". Added
         Game Structure. Added Revision History. Adjusted formatting to
         match my G-Police guide.

     2:  Improved formatting. Added notes on the differences between the
         American and Japanese versions. Modified strategy slightly.

     1:  Initial publication. This is my first strategy guide!

     Acknowledgements                                                    3-02
     In writing this strategy guide, I consulted other sources for help.
     Their Einhander guides are located at GameFAQs.com:

     Zach Keene's Einhander FAQ
     -   Translated names of the bosses and the bonus fighters.

     Triple Lei's US/Japan Changes FAQ
     -   Changes to the amount of ammo received per Gunpod.
     -   The manipulator changes position faster in the US version.

     version     three
     date        September 12, 2004
     author      Khoa Vuong
     e-mail      [email protected]
     homepage    http://www.geocities.com/khoavuong/home.htm

     Game info:
     developer   Squaresoft
     publisher   Square
     platform    PlayStation
     release     May 1998

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