Random Fights:
To help avoid random fights, click on your destination when the dot is at its peak in brightness.

Permanent Brave and Faith:
Use the Cheer Up ability or a Mediator's Praise ability until it says it is 20 above normal then after the battle it will be decreased but still higher than it was before the battle.

Keep Mustadio:
Mustadio is imperitive to have to get a lot of the secret characters, getting rid of him prevents you from getting them.

Duplicating Weapons:
Get the 2-sword skill and equip the weapon you want 2 of in your left hand, and a shield in the right. Go to a shop and use the best fit option. Remove the weapons and you now have a duplicate.

Jumping and Not jumping:
Don't jump if the enemy's CT is above 50, you will miss. Jumping can get you out of trouble such as powerful spells. You can make a Lancer do the dirty work of the swamp and keep your party from getting poisoned.

Most people think it is stupid to have a perm calculator. Those people are the dumb ones, a Mastered Calculator with all of the black, and white magic can win an entire battle for you, and they don't even use MP!!

The Holy Lance:
Getting the Holy Lance is easy, just get a Bull Demon to join your party and poach him the next chance you get

Invite the first black dragon you see and if you move between towns enough you can get red and blue dragons.

Deep Dungeon:
Go in there with Move-Find item on all of your guys and if you search around there are some pretty awesome things in there. Ninjas in the Deep Dungeon will throw some good Weapons and Items at you so go in there with catch to get them. The easiest way to learn Zodiac is to use Mind Break on Elidibs until you think your summoner can survive.

Remember to look at everyone you think might have a powerful weapon. To raise the % of Steal, Cast haste on the thief, slow on the target, as well as other status affecting spells such as stop, don't move, don't act, and frog. Lastly always steal from behind. Steal from Gafgarion, sleep him and haste your thief and get his Blood Sword, all of the damage done with the sword is converted into hp, it has a low attack but with a bracer, and when you can, give him the 2-sword ability with a rune sword. Steal from Dycedarg and get the 'Defender' sword, it kicks ass. To beat any human boss or tough knight steal his weapon then he is free for you to torture!

Battle Hints:
To avoid any magic attack, cast blind on yourself and you will dodge all magic attacks.

Instead of waiting for random battles, poach allied monsters instead.

Give Cloud the short-charge ability from time mage to speed up his limit breaks.

Party Mixes:
Make Ramza a ninja with monk abilities and you'll kill everything you come against. Equip Hamedo and you'll be able to kill everyone on the battlefield with just Ramza (and an angel ring). 1 bard, 1 dancer, and a mime, and 2 other characters with any class and you'll have an easy time with battles.

Ultimate Javelin and Escutcheon:
Yes, there is another version of the Javelin weapon, and of the Escutcheon Shield. They are called the same things by the game, but I assure you, they are very different!! Both of these items are found at Nelveska Temple. To get them, make sure you have someone with the following requirements:

1. Move-Find Item (Chemist's Movement Skill)
2. At Jump height of at least 4 (Equipping Germinas Boots helps here)
3. Low Brave (30 or less, Rafa and Beowulf have fairly low brave, so they'd work)
4. A Dragon (including Reis), Tiamat, Morbol, Worker 8 or some other big monster in the battle with you.

Now enter the battle there. Let the two Hyudras fly off the pillars, then kill them. Now put Worker 8 or your monster up next to the pillars and your Move-Finder should be able to jump on top of them and reach the tops of the two pillars. On top of them, you'll find a gold Escutcheon, and a tan Javelin. If you're brave is too high, or you just get unlucky, you might get a normal, weak version of either item. If this happens, just reset and try again. You can also fidn some other interesting items here like a Sasuke Knife somewhere back on the green hill behind the temple, and a Nagrarock in the very back of the cave where Worker 7-New starts.

What's so good about the Ultimate Javelin and Escutcheon? Well, first of all, The ultimate Javelin has an attack power of 30!! That makes it one of the best weapons in the game, second only to the Chaos Blade!! And the Escutcheon has a Defense power of 75 and a magic defense of 50, making it easily the best shield in the game!! Be SURE to get these items, but remember, if you're already past Nelveska Temple, you can't get any of these...

Extra Spell: Ultima:
The only character that can learn it is Ramza, and it must be cast on him and he must live through it after it blasts him. The only monsters that cast it are Assassins and Ultima Demons. The Assassins only appear in "Battle 42" and "Battle 43" (see the walkthrough for more information).

Hints and Tips:

- Make sure that out of your party, atleast two have short range attacks and atleast two have long range attacks. (or all five members having both short/long range would be better.)

- Make sure that out of your party, atleast one character can cure, heal, and revive. A Monk's or White Mage's skill set would be best.

- Just like in all the other Final Fantasy games, using a curative item/spell on an Undead creature does damage instead of healing. If you use a potion, it does 30 damage. If you use a Phoenix Down or use a Monk's Revive, etc, it will kill the Undead monster instantly.

- Use Auto-Battle, and make every character's auto option set to "Save Fading Life". This way you can gain JP/EXP much quicker by not having to play. If you have a Turbo Controller, just put some weight on the confirm button so all the ability messages won't stop the battle.

- Use Auto-Battle, and make all but one character's auto option set to "Protect Ally". Make those characters all protect the same ally. That ally/character should be set to either "Save Fading Life" or "Fight for Life" with any random monster selected. After that selected monster is dead, the Auto-Battle feature will still work, because it will automatically target the next monster (based off of the "Unit List").

- You can still attack enemies that are "out of range" of a shooting weapon (gun, bow, crossbow) if they are closer to you than the weapon can hit them. Just target an empty space or character/monster that aligns with what you want to shoot.

- Do not move on to story battles if you have party members out on propositions from a bar. Either call them back or walk around until you can report on the job. This way its not 8 vs 2 in the monster's favor. Ouch. A good (or bad?) example would be: Take the job of a proposition at Lionel Castle. Then, do a storyline battle (a red dot) at Goug Machine City. After you complete Goug, Lionel Castle becomes a red dot - and guess what? You can't get your characters back for a while. Sucks.

- Use propositions at bars to get easy jp for (highered soldiers are the only ones who can go out on propositions) characters that you don't want to spend/waste time on to get just a few more jp to master a class, etc. Its useful to put your proposition-used-characters all at 'calculator' class, so you can get levels/jp much easier this way.

- If you damage a monster into a critical status, where its limping or cowering, it will run away from you. It will only attack if you are in range, otherwise it will run further away from your party members. If ALL monsters are in critical then this won't work because they will kamikaze your party members, mostly targetting the same/one and only character in your party.

- If you push a monster off a space and they fall a greater distance than their 'jump' stat, it will damage the monster.

- If you want to know the elemental status/strength/weakness of a monster, go to the "Unit List" screen and select the monster. Most of the time it will be listed.

- If you want to cast a spell on a monster that is out of range, but you have a party member that is within range of both you and the monster, cast the spell on the party member and have that party member move next to the monster so the monster gets hit too. If you have Reflect Armor, equip it, and the monster could get hit twice. Another alternative to do this and not get hit is move next to the monster and then use the Lancer's Jump skill.

- To stop any enemy from using the Archer's "Charge" skill, is to just force them to move panels. Dash, throw a rock, or have a monk/knight/ninja/samurai physically attack the enemy and it will break their concentration/charge and the charge time will reset, they will have to start over.