The summoned characters are Simba, Genie, Bambi, Dumbo, Tinker Bell,
and Mushu. There are Journal entries for each of these characters.
Four of the summoned characters use attacks, while the other two
restore the party.

- Simba: Proud Roar hits all enemies on the area map.
- Genie: Showtime hits multiple enemies with a variety of attacks.
- Dumbo: Splash douses enemies in front of Dumbo.
- Mushu: Fire Breath shoots fireballs at the enemy.

- Tinker Bell: Heals the party and revives Sora from KO status once.
- Bambi: Drops MP balls and various items.

Simba, Bambi, Dumbo, and Mushu are acquired from summon gems. Bring
these gems to the Fairy Godmother, who will turn them into summons that
Sora can call into battle. Here is a list of the 4 summon gems and
where they are obtained.

Earthshine (Simba): Traverse Town
- Talk to Leon in the Secret Waterway.

Naturespark (Bambi): Hundred Acre Wood
- Play Pooh's Hunny Hunt mini game once. You must find at least one Torn Page to open up this mini game.

Watergleam (Dumbo): Monstro
- In a treasure chest in "Mouth". If you leave Monstro before getting Watergleam, you can go back later for it. Monstro appears randomly, so just keep trying until he shows up.

Fireglow (Mushu): Hollow Bastion
- Defeat Maleficent (Dragon).

- Genie joins your party after Sora seals the Agrabah keyhole.
- Tinker Bell joins your party after Sora seals the Neverland keyhole.

Collect all 6 summons and talk to the Fairy Godmother to receive Donald's Lord Fortune weapon.

Summons can only be used after a battle starts. First, select Magic on
Sora's command menu, then Summon to access a list of the summons you
have. Then you can choose the summon you want to use.

Summoned characters will stay with Sora until their MP gauge reaches
zero or they are dismissed. To stop using a summon, select the Magic
command again, then use the Dismiss command.

Each summon can only be called once per battle. Sora must have the
necessary amount of MP to call a summon. Also, there must be three
party members in battle, with no party members KO'd.

Sora is not allowed to use summons during the Olympus Coliseum
competitions. Summons also cannot be used in Atlantica.

In Neverland, Sora cannot call a summon while he is flying. Sora can
start flying after a summon is called, but if Sora flies somewhere and
Simba or Bambi cannot follow, they will leave the battle.

Summon's Effects:
Using summons limits the options that are available to you during battle.

While the summoned character is present, your two other party members
disappear. This is true for all of the summons except Tinker Bell.
When the summon leaves, your friends will drop back into the area.

Sora cannot use special attacks while the summoned character is
present. Special attacks are Sonic Blade, Strike Raid, Ars Arcanum,
Ragnarok, and Trinity Limit. These options simply won't appear in
Sora's command menu while using a summon.

You cannot go to another area map while using a summon. Before you can
exit the area, you must dismiss the summon.

MP Costs:
Bambi: 1 MP
Simba: 2 MP
Genie: 2 MP
Dumbo: 3 MP
Mushu: 3 MP
Tinker Bell: 3 MP

Cheer Ability:
The Cheer ability increases the summons' MP gauge, giving them more time
and attacks per battle. Equip Cheer to the entire party too boost the effect.

- Sora's Cheer ability: Click here for more info
- Goofy gets the Cheer ability after you defeat the Parasite Cage (1st time) in Monstro.
- Donald gets the Cheer ability after you defeat Maleficent at Hallow Bastion. Aladdin and Jack also have the Cheer ability.

Summon's Durations:
The maximum time it takes for a summoned character's MP gauge to reach
zero can be calculated according to the formulas below. The MP gauge
decreases faster when a summon's attack is used.

Summon's maximum MP =
(Sora's MP stat) + (# of party members with Cheer ability equipped)

For Bambi and Dumbo:
Maximum time = (Summon's maximum MP) x 5 seconds

For Simba, Genie, and Mushu:
Maximum time = (Summon's maximum MP) x 8.3 seconds

For example, say Sora's MP stat is 14, and Sora, Donald and Goofy all
have Cheer equipped. Then Bambi's summon will last for 85 seconds.
Genie's summon will last as long as 141 seconds, but only if he never
uses Showtime.

Tinker Bell is an exception because she doesn't have an MP gauge.
Tinker Bell stays with Sora until she is dismissed or she revives Sora
from KO status.

Simba's Roar:
Simba's Proud Roar hits all enemies on the area map, so there's no need
to target anything. When Simba is summoned, the Charge Up command
appears in the 4th slot in Sora's command menu. Select Charge Up and
hold down the X button to fill Simba's blue charge gauge. When the
Proud Roar command appears, release the X button to activate Simba's
attack. Hold the X button down longer for a more powerful attack.
Using Proud Roar decreases Simba's MP gauge by 1 MP.

While Sora is charging up, he cannot move and is vulnerable to enemy
attacks. If Sora is hit before activating Proud Roar, Simba's charge
gauge falls back down to zero. To avoid being interrupted, try to go
someplace where the enemies' attacks won't reach.

Each time Simba's charge gauge is filled by 1 unit, Simba and Sora's
keyblade flash with light. The number of units in Simba's charge gauge
is equal to half of Simba's maximum MP, with a maximum of 5 units.

Proud Roar's attack type depends on how much Simba's charge gauge is
filled. Charge up 1 or 2 units for a normal type Proud Roar attack.
Charge up 3 or 4 units for a KO type Proud Roar attack that can stun
enemies. Charge up a full 5 units for a Gravity type Proud Roar attack
(over 300% damage) that eliminates every enemy on the map.

Genie's Showtime:
Lock-on to a target and the Showtime command will become available in
the 4th slot in Sora's command menu. Use Showtime and Genie will
perform a continuous stream of attacks. Genie will hit all enemies
within a given range, as indicated by his face icon on the targets.
Using Showtime decreases Genie's MP gauge by 1 MP.

Genie's Showtime is a combination of different attacks. Genie casts
Gravity, Thunder, and Stop magic, and also shoots out pink, yellow, and
blue energy balls. The yellow energy ball sometimes stuns enemies.
The pink and blue energy balls are normal type attacks.

Dumbo's Splash:
While Dumbo is summoned, Sora rides on Dumbo's head. Press the circle
button to have Dumbo ascend, and the square button to descend. In
Neverland, Dumbo can fly as high as Sora can.

Splash replaces the Attack command in Sora's command menu. Use Splash
and Dumbo shoots out a blast of water that hits any enemy directly
front of him. Hold down the X button for a continuous attack. Dumbo's
MP gauge decreases twice as fast when using Splash.

Although Splash is a water attack, it is classified as a Blizzard type attack.

Sora cannot use any commands besides Splash while Dumbo is summoned.
Fortunately, Sora won't take any damage while riding on Dumbo.

Mushu's Fire Breath:
When Mushu is summoned, Fire Breath replaces the Attack command in
Sora's command menu. Use Fire Breath and Mushu will shoot 3 quick
fireballs at the target. Hold down the X button for a continuous
attack. Mushu's MP gauge decreases faster when using Fire Breath.

Like Firaga, Fire Breath has a long range and can home in on targets
above Sora. Naturally, Fire Breath is a Fire type attack.

Tinker Bell:
When Tinker Bell heals a party member, the amount of HP recovered is
equal to Sora's MP stat. Tinker Bell rotates between your 3 party
members, healing one person at a time. She heals someone about once
every 2 seconds.

Tinker Bell prevents Sora from being KO'd, but only once. If Sora's HP
falls to zero, Tinker Bell immediately restores all of Sora's HP and
leaves the battle. There is no delay in the battle when Tinker Bell
revives Sora.
Bambi's item drops:
Bambi always drops MP balls, and Sora's MP stat determines which MP balls Bambi drops.
4 or less MP = small MP balls
5 or 6 MP = both small and large MP balls
7 or more MP = large MP balls

While Bambi is summoned, Sora must kill enemies to charge Bambi's blue
gauge. When that gauge is completely filled, Bambi drops an item. It
takes 6 enemies to completely fill Bambi's gauge once.

The list below shows the items Bambi drops when summoned at different
locations. The 1st time Bambi's gauge is filled, Bambi will drop one
item, and so on. The percentage is the chance that Bambi will drop
that item. The items and percentages for the 3rd time apply for all
successive item drops.

Traverse Town:
- 1st time: Hi-Potion (100%)
- 2nd time: Ether (100%), Blaze Shard (40%)
- 3rd time: Mega-Potion (100%), Blaze Shard (60%), Blaze Gem (30%)

- 1st time: Hi-Potion (100%)
- 2nd time: Ether (100%), Frost Shard (40%)
- 3rd time: Mega-Potion (100%), Frost Shard (60%), Frost Gem (30%)

Deep Jungle:
- 1st time: Hi-Potion (100%)
- 2nd time: Ether (100%), Thunder Shard (40%)
- 3rd time: Mega-Potion (100%), Thunder Shard (60%), Thunder Gem (30%)

- 1st time: Hi-Potion (100%)
- 2nd time: Ether (100%), Bright Shard (40%)
- 3rd time: Mega-Potion (100%), Bright Shard (60%), Bright Gem (30%)

- 1st time: Hi-Potion (100%)
- 2nd time: Ether (100%), Lucid Shard (40%)
- 3rd time: Mega-Potion (100%), Lucid Shard (60%), Lucid Gem (30%)

Halloween Town:
- 1st time: Mega-Potion (100%)
- 2nd time: Mega-Ether (100%), Power Shard (40%)
- 3rd time: Elixir (100%), Power Shard (60%), Power Gem (30%)

- 1st time: Mega-Potion (100%)
- 2nd time: Mega-Ether (100%), Spirit Shard (40%)
- 3rd time: Elixir (100%), Spirit Shard (60%), Spirit Gem (30%)

Hollow Bastion:
- 1st time: Mega-Potion (100%)
- 2nd time: Mega-Ether (100%), Lucid Gem (40%)
- 3rd time: Elixir (100%), Lucid Gem (60%), Lucid Crystal (30%)

End of the World:
- 1st time: Mega-Ether (100%)
- 2nd time: Elixir (100%), Mythril Shard (40%)
- 3rd time: Megalixir (100%), Mythril Shard (60%), Mythril (30%)

Bambi cannot be summoned in the Olympus Coliseum or Atlantica.