Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

About Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars: While visiting Mario, Princess Toadstool sits down to pick flowers in the nearby garden. Blissfully unaware, Toadstool doesn't notice the dark stormclouds billowing overhead. Then, through the darkness comes the sound of a helicopter.

Suddenly, without warning, Bowser swoops in and snatches Toadstool up and wisks her away to his nearby keep. Mario, hearing her screams, races out after Bowser and his royal cargo.

After a quick match on Bowser's throne room chandaleirs, Mario races to untie the princess...when a lound rumbling shakes the castle's foundation. Then, in a horiffic explosion, Bowser, Mario, and Toadstool are flung in oposit directions away from the castle.

Mario returns to the castle moments later only to discover the cause of the explosion...a gigantic sword has crashed into Bowser's Keep! In it's headlong plunge through the skys, the sword shatters a very important part of the night sky...the Star Road.

Mario must now race against Smithy to retrive the seven star pices that have fallen all across the Mushroom Kingdom and restore the Star Road...