Super Mario RPG
The Complete Walkthrough
by Brian C. Jenkins ([email protected])
Version 1.0

 * Prologue: So Close! *

	If you watch the movie at the beginning of the game, you will 
learn that the princess has been kidnapped and taken to Bowser's castle. 
The game starts out with you entering the castle. Head NE along the 
corridor and take out the Terrapins (12HP) on the way.
	In the next area, dodge the fire creatures and after the bridge 
collapses, go through the door. Go NE and you will soon see the princess 
tied up and hanging above your head (fortunately not by the neck). You 
will soon be fighting Bowser. Instead of attacking Bowser directly, 
target the chain (60HP) holding his chandelier. When the chain breaks, 
Bowser falls. But he throws some hammers that break your chain too! You 
jump back up to the princess, but she too takes the plunge. A movie 
starts in which you see a huge sword come down and pierce the castle, 
then the prologue is over.

 * Chapter One *

	You start out in your house, where you just came in through the 
roof. Toad will come in and tell you he needs princess Toadstool. Press 
B to jump off the hook and exit the house. Outside, talk to him again 
and he will ask where she is. Go NW to the save point (jump on top of 
it) and then exit the area (S). 
	Go to Bowser's Keep and the giant sword makes the bridge collapse, 
leaving you on Vista Hill and preventing you from entering the castle. 
Go back to Mario's Pad and go inside your house. Talk to Toad and then 
exit the house. When you go to exit the area, Toad bumps into you and 
lowers your HP by 1. He then gives you a mushroom and offers to explain 
how to use it and other items. He will also offer to show you how to 
fight battles effectively. His lessons include the "Timed Attack" and 
the "Special Attack". Afterwards he gives you three Mushrooms. Save and 
then exit the area.

***Mushroom Way***
	Follow the simple path and make sure to jump up and hit the 
treasure chests, as they give you coins. When you see Toad trapped by a 
Goomba, attack the Goomba and Toad will give you Honey Syrup (recovers 
10 Flower Pts.) for saving him.
	Attack the Goomba on the flower and from the flower you can jump 
to the W (there's a chest) or jump to the E and rescue Toad again. Jump 
and attack the Sky Troopa. Afterwards, Toad will give you a Flower Tab 
(raises Flower Pts. by 1).
	At the NE corner, Toad is again being threatened by enemies. This 
time it is the Hammer Brothers (53HP). After the first one dies, the 
second raises its Valor (higher defense). The second one will be harder 
to kill. You can avoid damage using the A button when they hit you on 
the head with their hammer, but you can't avoid the multiple hammer 
throw attack. After the battle, you can take one of their hammers that 
they left. Make sure to equip it, then move on.

	You are now in the Mushroom Kingdom. There is an Item Shop and an 
Inn to the E, and to the NE is the palace where you will find the 
chancellor. I recommend going to the Item Shop and buying a few 
Mushrooms and maybe an Able Juice (heals status problems). While in the 
Item Shop, go downstairs and the person will teach you how to find 
hidden treasures. 
	If you like, you can also stay at the inn. When you are ready, 
enter the palace. Go NE and enter the throne room. The chancellor pleads 
with you to rescue the princess. He gives you access to the vault, also. 
When you leave, head SE and you will see stairs going down in the next 
room. This is the vault. Inside the vault you will get three items: 
Special Mushroom (recovers HP and FP), FLower (recovers FP), Large Coin 
(equal to ten coins).
	When you exit the palace, you will see Mallow chasing a crocodile. 
Go down and talk to Mallow and if you agree to help him catch the croc, 
he will join your group. Exit the town near the Item Shop and the guard 
will talk to you. The croc zooms by again and leaves town. Follow him 
and go to Bandit's Way.

 * Chapter Two *

***Bandit's Way***
	You see the croc right away but he taunts you and runs off. Follow 
him, use the save point, and exit the area to the E.
	You see the croc again but, again, he runs away. Jump on the 
flower and when you are pointing in the right direction, jump on the 
mound. You need to get to the mound to the SE. To do this, jump on the 
floating squares. When you get to the second one, the first one should 
move around to the front. Keep jumping until you reach the other mound.
Jump on top of the red flower and when you are pointing towards the blue 
flower, jump. You should find a Kerokerocola (fully recovers all party 
members) in a hidden chest. Move on to the next area.
	You'll see the croc yet again and he runs away to the N. Head in a 
generally N direction and you'll keep catching up with the croc. Keep 
heading N until you get to the N edge of the area. He'll bound away into 
the fourth area.
	The croc will try to get the treasure chest but will fail and run 
away. To get what's in the chest, jump on one of the platforms. The 
other platform will start spinning. When you jump on the other platform, 
it will stop where it is. Keep jumping around until you land underneath 
the chest. Jump up to get your prize. What is it? A star! Now head E to 
the next area.
	Now you have the croc trapped! You will have to fight him soon, 
and it's not an easy battle so I suggest fighting some enemies for 
awhile. It would be very helpful if your characters reached level four 
before you battled the croc. Just walk around and get into battles, but 
DON'T come up behind the croc until you're ready to fight him.
	When you think you're ready, try to run up behind him when he 
stops to rest. The easiest way to do this is to stand in one place and 
wait until he stops within reach. Before you fight him though, make sure 
to use any Flower Tabs that you have; and Flower Jars if you need one. 
When you catch him, push A and he'll tell you how many years until you 
catch him. First it's 100, then 50, then you have him! Unfortunately now 
you have to fight him.
	When fighting him, have Mario do Flame Orb (if he's at level 
four), and have Mallow do Lightning. About the time you run out of 
Flowers, the croc will use a Weird Mushroom to heal himself (60HP). 
After this, you get two free rounds to pound on him. When he resumes 
attacking, have Mario use his Hammer (or Flame Orb, if the party has a 
Honey Syrup to recover FPs) and have Mallow heal the party.
(If Mallow is level four, he will have HP Rain which is the same as a 
Mushroom.) When the croc's HP falls low enough, he will give up the coin 
and run away.
	A springboard will appear. Jump on it and you will land in AREA 1, 
near the save point. Before you go back to the Mushroom Kingdom, I 
strongly suggest leveling up one more time. When you get back, you'll 
have to fight a boss to get the first star. When you have reached level 
five, save and head N back to the Mushroom Kingdom.
When you get back, you'll notice something slightly different. Like 
bouncing creatures infesting the entire town! Even inside some of the 
	Go into the palace and dodge all of the bouncing creatures until 
you get to the throne room. Here you will have to fight Mack (the boss) 
and four bouncing henchmen. Have Mario use Hammer against Mack (his 
physical attack is just as effective as his techs). Have Mallow use 
Lightning over and over again. The four smaller creatures will die 
fairly quickly, but more will come soon to fill their places. If Mack 
disappears, just beat up on the four smaller ones until he comes back. 
When he does come back, he'll either use Flame Wall (damages both party 
members) or another flame attack that only damages one member. When I 
fought him, he disappeared three times, and I killed him after that. 
When the fight is over, two bouncing creatures will leave to warn their 
boss about you. You also get the first star of the game! Go N and talk 
to the chancellor.
 * Chapter Three *

	After the chancellor pleads with you again to rescue the princess, 
leave the palace and head to the inn. Rest and save and then go to the 
Item Shop. I suggest buying at least ten Mushrooms, a few Honey Syrups, 
and a couple shirts (one for Mario, one for Mallow). Make sure you equip 
any clothes you buy.
	When you are ready to continue your adventure, exit the town via 
the E. Head E on the World Map to the Kero Sewers. When there, go into 
the first area.

***Kero Sewers***
	First things first; use the save point. Then swim through the 
water and at the other side you can read a paper about how to go down 
pipes (why this is here I don't know, since you've already gone down a 
pipe to get here). Go down the pipe.
	Head SW and go down the pipe when you get to it.
	In this area, you must go down the pipe at the lower right-hand 
corner (not the visible pipe just below you). To do this, drop down next 
to the pipe below you and jump onto the wall with the enemy on it. You 
have to battle it. Then jump down and go down the pipe. If you fall into 
the water you'll have a lot of swimming to do to get back (swim NE into 
the next area).
	In this area, you need to jump on the platform that has the 
exclamation point on it. NOT the springboard! The springboard takes you 
outside of the sewers altogether. Go back down to the pipe and go down.
	Since the water was drained from the sewers, you can now walk down 
on the floors where you were swimming before. Drop down to the lower 
floor in this area and go down the pipe in the bottom corner.
	Here you will fight Belome. If your characters have reached level 
six, this fight will be a breeze. Every few rounds, Belome will swallow 
one of the characters and the other will be left to fight alone. After 
two rounds, he spits out the character. The only annoying attack he has 
is one that turns a character into a scarecrow. When you're a scarecrow 
you can't use any items, special attacks, or regular attacks. You are 
vulnerable to attacks and even death, because you can't heal! When I 
played, Belome swallowed Mallow three times, and he died after he spit 
him out the third time.
	After the fight, the door will open and water comes rushing out. 
You end up in the Midas River Course.

	In the Midas River Course, all you have to do is push left or 
right to get coins. You can slow yourself down by pressing B. If you 
press it fast enough, you can even go against the flow of the water.
When you are done, you have to do a floating barrel course.
	In the floating barrel course, just jump to get the coins and when 
you see another barrel coming, jump on to that one. If a fish jumps out 
of the water, jump over it to avoid losing some coins.
	After you're done, the guy at the end will let you trade in your 
coins for Frog Coins. You can try again by getting on the springboard, 
or you can exit to the SE and go to Tadpole Pond.
	At Tadpole Pond, examine the rock set into the ground and some 
tadpoles will come talk to you. Soon Frogfucius will float over and talk 
to you as well. The tadpoles will make a bridge for you. Jump across the 
bridge and onto Frogfucius' island.
	Here you will learn more about Mallow's past. It turns out, he 
isn't a frog after all (some of you out there may have figured that out 
already). Frogfucius tells Mallow to go with Mario and find his real 
family. He tells the party to go to Rose Town first. To get there, you 
have to go through Rose Way.

 * Chapter Four *

***Rose Way***
	Jump on the platform and it will move next to another platform. 
You have to jump from platform to platform to get across the water. When 
the platform turns blue, you can't jump. Jump when it turns yellow. (You 
can read the sign, but that's all it tells you.) When you've reached the 
NE corner, go through the entrance.
	This area is fairly simple; just head S until you see the next 
	You are back in the first area. Jump on the platform and follow 
them S until you reach the S entrance.
	You will see many chests with enemies on top of them in this area. 
If you hit the chest, the enemy falls off and comes after you. Go 
through the SE entrance when you are ready.
	When you walk slightly NE, you will see Bowser addressing ranks of 
his troops. They march off towards his keep. Get to Rose Town through 
the NE entrance.

	When you enter Rose Town, you will learn of the arrows that fly in 
from the forest and strike the citizens from time to time. In the inn, 
you will have to go through a sequence which results in a Gena toy 
turning into a real person.
	You will talk to a person who can't get to their house because the 
stairs are gone. Jump on his head, and then up to his house. First take 
the treasure in the chests, then go upstairs. Jump on the button and go 
back downstairs. Talk to him and he will give you directions in the 

***Forest Maze***
	A little boring. Go through the next door.
	A little weird. When the caterpillar comes out of the stump, jump 
in it and go down.
	You will be dropped into the next area (note the platform to get 
back up). Go E and through the door.
	You will have to fight the Thornet to get to the next area. 
	 You will see many stumps in this area. Go down the one farthest 
from the door. 
	Jump on top of the caterpillar and he will throw you up. When you 
emerge on the surface, go through the closest door.
	Wait until the caterpillar goes down, then follow him.
	Make your way through the underground path. It is possible to 
avoid getting in any fights. 
	Continue along the path. It splits, but ends up in the same place.  
Jump on the platform when you find it.
AREA 10:
	First, use the Save Point. Then go through the door.
	This is the real forest maze. You will only go through four doors 
to complete it. The order is as follows: left, left, straight, right. 
Remember, these aren't N,S,E,W directions. If Mario is facing S in a new 
area, left would be the right side of your screen. If you did it right, 
you'll come upon an area with only a stump. Go down. Collect all the 
treasure and go back up. Enter the maze again and go right. This is the 
area with the Save Point. Save if you like and grab the pink mushroom if 
you didn't before. 
	Go back into the maze and you will see Geno by one of the paths. 
Follow him through all the paths he takes. In one area, he is nowhere to 
be found. Go right and you will see him again. You will soon come to an 
area with a few stumps. This is where Bowyer and his cronies are. The 
paralyzing arrows originate from him.
	Geno enters the scene and attacks Bowyer. Your party soon joins 
the fight. Bowyer's worst attack is Static E. It damages each party 
member 10-25. After you defeat Bowyer, Geno will reveal his true 
identity and tell you about the Star Road. You also get the second star! 
Only five to go!

 * Chapter Five *

	Go back to the inn in Rose Town. Talk to Gaz and he will give Geno 
his Finger Shot. Equip it and save. Leave Rose Town and head to 
Moleville. (I chose to skip the optional Pipe Vault)
	In Moleville, there are new weapons and armor for sale at the Item 
Shop. When you are through, go to the mine entrance and talk to the 
mole. Then enter the mine.

***Coal Mines***
	Destroy the enemies and go through the door.
	Walk straight off the side and go through the door marked by the 
	There are no enemies in this area. Jump on the trampoline and 
you'll hit your head on the ceiling. Croco appears and steals your 
coins. He then runs away with his gang. Follow him into the next area.
	You can jump on the boxes to avoid the enemies. You'll see Croco 
blow a hole in the wall and go through it. Follow him.
	Follow him through this area also. 
	Keep following him...
	Keep following him......
	You should be back in the room with the platform where you first 
saw Croco. Wait in one place until he runs by you. If you manage to 
touch him, you can fight him. He isn't too difficult. Geno's Finger Shot 
is the only physical attack that does much good. Mario's Jump attack 
only does half of Geno's attack, but it's something. When you defeat 
Croco, you will get your coins back. He takes off.
	Next, go through the left door and follow the series of rooms 
until you see Pa'Mole. Blast through the wall and continue through.
	Go through the upper door and walk on the elevated path. Don't 
fight the enemies yet! First get the Star in the chest, then attack 
them, so you don't even have to fight! Continue through the door.
AREA 10:
	You can dodge the enemies if you like. Go through the door on the 
AREA 11:
	You will probably end up fighting the enemy in here. It's hard to 
escape. Go to the upper level and get hit the chest for some coins. Go 
through the door.
AREA 12:
	Head left on the tracks with the group of four enemies. You can 
probably get by only fighting two of them. Then use the Save Point and 
get the mushroom from the chest. Continue on the tracks to the next 
AREA 13:
	Here, head around the perimeter of the area and around the back of 
Punchinello. Touch him and you will fight him. His bombs he throws out 
will grow larger and larger. After they've changed twice, he will soon 
be defeated. He turns into a giant bomb but it doesn't hurt you when it 
explodes. You get the third Star Piece!
	From here, head to the top-right door and go through.
AREA 14:
	You will soon see Dyna trying to push a mine cart. Read the 
instructions on the wall and then you will enter a bonus area that 
allows you to collect Mushrooms. You must jump to collect the Mushrooms 
on the overhead-view track. On the side-scrolling track, it varies. Once 
you're done, you'll be taken back to Moleville and Dyna will be reunited 
with her parents, who thank you greatly.

 * Chapter Six *

	Save your game, buy any items you might need, and head to Booster 

***Booster Pass***
	You can dodge the enemies if you like. Jump onto the rocks to the 
right and continue jumping up until you reach the top. Head NE.
	Go to the NE edge of the area (staying on ground level) and pick 
up the Flower. Now go back to the entrance and jump on top of the rocks. 
Follow the path NE and jump up again. Go through.
	You are now at Booster Tower. This is where the Princess is being 
held, as you will soon see. Bowser joins your group, surprisingly, and 
you can enter the tower when he busts the door down.

***Booster Tower***
	You will see a snif-it at a desk. If you talk to him you will end 
up fighting him, so instead go up the stairs to the left. Walk past the 
snif-it looking at the paintings and go through the door.
	There will be another set of stairs here. A steady string of 
enemies will be coming down the steps, but it is possible to dodge all 
of them. When you get to the top, go through the door.
	Booster shows up on a toy train over your head. He welcomes you to 
his "Tower of Amusement". After he leaves, go to the right and walk 
beneath the tracks into the recess in the corner. You'll find a Flower 
Tab. Then go through the door.
	Go up the stairs and fight the enemies if you wish. It is possible 
to dodge them, though. When you get to the top, you will see someone 
hiding behind a curtain. He'll run when you get close. Go through the 
door he went through. (However, if you go through the other door, you 
can get a new weapon for Mario. I'd try that first, even though it 
eventually takes you back to the first room of the tower.)
	This won't work if you simply walk off the edge. Jump towards the 
chest as if you were trying to hit it (You can't at that distance). You 
will fall onto a teeter-totter and a bomb on the other side will be 
thrown into the air. When it comes down, you go up and hit the chest. 
The Masher will fall on you after you land. Equip it on Mario, and then 
go out the door. You will be in the first room again. You must get back 
up to where you were.
	In this room, there is only a switch. Jump on it to open a new 
area in Booster Pass. Now go through the door.
	Go up the steps and you will see a door and a large curtain to the 
left. If you go behind the curtain, Mario will turn into his original 
self from Super Mario Brothers. You'll even hear the original music! 
When you try to go through the door, he'll run behind the curtain and 
change back. 
	Go up the stairs to the second level. You'll have to run and jump 
to get up to the platform going to the third level. Once up there, dodge 
the bullets and go through the door.
	Go up the steps. You can dodge the enemies if you like. Go through 
the door at the top.
	Save your game. Go through the door. 
AREA 10:
	In this room, there is a locked door, more paintings on the wall, 
and another door at the end of the hall. You have another option here. 
If you look at the paintings in the same order you saw on the bottom 
floor, you can unlock the door and get a powerful weapon for Bowser. If 
you want, you can simply go through the other door and continue.
	First of all. The painting closest to the locked door I'll call 1. 
The farthest is 6. Here is the order that worked for me: 6 5 3 1 2 4
Afterwards, you will see a person through the painting who will throw 
the Elder Key to you. Now go through the door.
	Inside, jump on the first ledge. You'll have to run and jump to 
reach the second. The Chomp will try to bite you. Bowser gets it under 
control and tames it to use as a weapon. Equip it on him and leave the 
room. Go through the door at the end of the hall.
AREA 11:
	Jump up the series of ledges until you get to the top. Before you 
jump on the teeter-totter, get the Mushroom from the chest. Bounce up to 
the next area.
AREA 12:
	If you fall from this area, you'll only be in the next one down, 
so it's not too scary. Follow the narrow edge around to the left and 
jump onto the platform with the enemy that just parachuted down. Next 
jump to the yellow platform. From here, go up to the next platform with 
the enemy on it. Jump onto the next narrow ledge with the enemy walking 
back and forth. Wait until he walks to the right, then jump up, head 
left, and jump onto the stairs. Go up the stairs and through the door.
AREA 13:
	There are multiple traps in the floor of this room. Enemies will 
appear and attack you. Don't worry, they're no match for your new 
weapons (if you completed the optional sections). There is a key to the 
right which unlocks a door that contains a chest (Zoom Shoes: equip on 
Geno). Go through the unlocked door when you are done.
AREA 14:
	Go up the stairs. You can dodge the first two Chomps, but I ended 
up fighting the last. Not too bad. Continue through the door when you 
are done.
AREA 15:
	You meet Booster again. He is jealous that the Princess keeps 
calling your name, so he starts dropping bombs on you. Exit this area 
through the door at the bottom of the screen.
AREA 16:
	Go up all the steps and through the door.
AREA 17:
	To get to the chest, jump on the first yellow ledge and then run 
and jump to all the others. Get the Frog Coin and then save your game. 
Go through the door.
AREA 18:
	In this area, go to the left and look out the door to see the 
Princess on the balcony. The door is locked. Booster will come in and 
you run behind the curtain. They will start opening curtains. You can 
run behind the curtain to stay away from where they open. Eventually, 
three of them will be opening curtains. I managed to evade them every 
time until Booster finally opened the fourth curtain and found me. If 
you let them find you three times, you'll have to fight all of them. 
When Mario goes back under the shelf with the Mario doll, jump and knock 
it off the shelf. Booster will give you an amulet (equip on Bowser) as a 
reward and then will decide that it's time to marry the Princess. He 
then goes to unlock the door. Follow him out.
	On the balcony you'll have to fight Knife Guy and Grate Guy. I 
managed to defeat using only physical attacks. They are very susceptible 
to physical attacks. When they are gone, your party will jump off the 
balcony and you will go to Booster Hill.

	At Booster Hill, you will get a chance to collect Flowers by 
touching the Princess. Just follow the instructions and you shouldn't 
have too much trouble. When you finish the course, you'll enter the town 
of Merrymore.

 * Chapter Seven *

	In Marrymore, first go to the Item Shop and buy some new weapons 
and armor. Save your game and head to the Wedding Hall. You will see two 
people get kicked out by a Snifit. Go around the right side of the 
building and walk around until you find the back door. Once inside, go 
down the stairs into the kitchen and up the other stairs into the main 
hall. Jump up to show the Snifit you really are Mario and then help him 
bust the door down. To do this, wait approximately one second after he 
starts vibrating. Run towards the door. If you hit it at the same time 
he does, it will open.
	Save your game in the next room. When you try to open the next 
door, Bowser will start running and hitting it. Hit it at the same time 
and it will open as the last one did.
	When you get into the chapel the Snifits will hit the Princess and 
knock three of her accessories onto the floor. They pick them up. You 
have to talk to each Snifit to get the accessories back. Then jump on 
Booster's head and you'll get the crown. Talk to Booster and watch the 
following sequence. If you were fast enough, the Princess will kiss you. 
If not, Booster and Bowser will kiss you.
	Afterwards, the chef will come in and you will end up fighting him 
and...a bundt cake. I suggest you focus all your attacks against the 
cake itself. Eventually, the chef and his apprentice will run away. 
Continue attacking the cake. When it is down to one layer, you know 
you're almost done. Soon, three Snifits and Booster come in. Booster 
swallows the cake whole, and you're done!
	Go back to the Inn and rest/save. Head to the World Map and you'll 
be taken to the Mushroom Kingdom. Go to the Castle and talk to the 
Chancellor. Everyone is ecstatic that the Princess has been rescued. 
After a long sequence, the Chancellor asks Mario to defeat Smithy to 
save the Star Road. Go outside the castle and you'll see the Princess 
floating down to the ground. Talk to her and she'll join your party.

 * Chapter Eight *

	Before going to Star Hill, go to Tadpole Pond and talk to 
Frogfucius. You will get the Froggie Stick (equip on Mallow). Next, go 
to Star Hill. 
***Star Hill***
	Talk to the green "flower" towards the top of the screen to open 
the gate. Go through. 
	In the next area, Geno tells you that there is fabled to be a Star 
Piece residing here. Walk around and activate all the green flowers. 
This opens another gate.
	Do the same thing in this area. Activate all the green star 
flowers and go through the gate.
	This is the same as the previous areas except that in the very top 
part of the area you'll find the fourth Star Piece. After you get it, 
activate any remaining flowers and go through the gate when it opens. 
Travel to Seaside Town.

 * Chapter Nine * 

	First things first. Stay the night at the inn if you need it and 
save your game. Talk to the Elder in the house at the top of the town. 
Afterwards, leave Seaside Town and head to the Sea.

	Get off the platform and go through the door.
	You can buy items from the weird-looking guy if you want. When you 
are ready, go through the door at the bottom of the screen. If you step 
on the stars on the ground, you'll have to fight them. Get the Star in 
the box and run around, stepping on stars. You will get all the 
experience you would get if you had fought them. Go through the door 
when you are done.
	Go around the corner and go through the door on the right, first.
	Jump on the crates and up onto the ledge. Get the Mushroom, 
Flower, and Frog Coin from the chests. You can jump over the crates and 
down to save your game. Then go into the room where you started and 
circle around to where you were, but take the door on the left.
	Walk along the edge to the next door. There is an option here.
	Jump in the water and let the whirlpool take you to the bottom. 
Walk up and go through the underwater passage to another room. Walk in 
the middle of this room and and "updraft" will take you up. When you 
reach the surface, jump out and get the Max Mushroom from the chest. 
Jump off the ledge and continue.
	Jump into the water-be wary of the swimming enemies-and take the 
whirlpool down. You will see s shipwreck on the bottom. Go to it and 
jump in the crow's nest. From here you can go down and enter the ship.
***Sunken Ship***
	Get off the platform and read the paper on the crate. It tells how 
the ship was taken down by a giant squid. Go through the door to the 
right and save your game. You can also read another paper which tells 
you that the squid is trapped in the treasure cellar. When you are 
ready, go back through to the first room and through the door to the 
	Be wary of the floating ghosts. You can read another page of the 
travel log which tells about the locked cellar door. You'll need to find 
six hints for the six letter password. Jump over the crates and go 
through the door around the corner.
	Read another page and go through the door.
	Go down the stairs and jump on the stacks of boxes at the bottom 
to get the Coins from the chest. Go through the door.
	Walk straight through this area to the next door. For some reason, 
the enemies don't even move. You shouldn't have to worry about them.
	Jump down the crates to the lower level. You can buy weapons and 
armor from the robed person. (What he's doing in a sunken ship I don't 
know, but this whole game's a little weird, I guess) When you are ready, 
go through the door.
	There are three doors in this area. All three are guarded by 
enemies. The door you want is the one at the end of the hall, not one of 
the side doors. Defeat the enemies and go through.
	Here you can save your game. You will see two switches on the 
floor, but you can ignore them. Go into the next room.
	This is where you enter the six-letter password. The password is 
"pearls". Under the box to the left, jump and hit it until it is 
highlighting the letter p. Continue counter-clockwise around the boxes 
and enter in the letters. When you are done, speak the password into the 
tube. The door will open and you will hear the giant squid taunt you. Go 
through the door when you are ready to face him.
AREA 10:
	You will have to defeat eight of his tentacles and then his main 
body. Afterwards, you will drop down into another room.
AREA 11:
	Get off the trampoline and go through the door.
AREA 12:
	Here, jump on the box and onto the upper level. Go through the 
AREA 13:
	You'll have to dodge bullets in this room. Run past the first 
three. If one hits you, it'll knock you down to the lower level where 
you'll have to run around and try again. Go around the corner and run 
past the next three. Go through the door.
AREA 14:
	Go down the stairs and through the door at the bottom.
AREA 15:
	Get on top of the two barrels in the upper corner. From here you 
can run and jump onto the stack of boxes with the two chests (not the 
one with the enemy walking along the top). Get the coins from the chests 
and go through the door.
AREA 16:
	This is another spot that this game gets a little weird. There is 
a Mario imposter in this room that mirrors your movements. If you can 
manage to look at it face-to-face you can talk to it. It'll turn into an 
enemy and you'll get in a battle. When you're done, go through the door.
	Go through the door.
AREA 17:
	Go down the steps.
AREA 18:
	Save your game and then hit the chest at the foot of the stairs to 
get a Mushroom. Jump over the stack of boxes into the other half of the 
room. Hit the chest you'll have to fight Hidon and four little cronies. 
Afterwards, you'll get the Safety Badge. Go through the door.
AREA 19:
	Continue through the next door.
AREA 20:
	Jump in the water and use the whirlpool to go down. Go through the 
door to the left.
	Collect all the coins on the bottom. Be careful of the fish. 
Return to the other room when you are done and go through the other 
AREA 21:
	Go down the stairs and through the door at the bottom.
AREA 22:
	Jump on the stack of barrels to the right and continue jumping up 
until you reach dry ground. Go through the door.
AREA 23:
	In this room you'll see four shark pirates who'll soon attack you. 
After you defeat them, they'll run to warn the upper deck. Get the 
Mushroom from the chest and go up the stairs. The pirates will return 
and throw a barrel down at you. You dodge it and then continue up 
through the door.
AREA 24:
	You'll have to fight five more pirates in here. Afterwards, they 
open the door to Johnny's Place. Go in.
AREA 25:
	Here Johnny and four pirates will attack you. After you defeat 
them, you'll get the fifth Star Piece! Only two more to go! Go through 
the door to the right.
AREA 26:
	Jump on the platform and you'll be taken to the World Map. Go back 
to Seaside Town.

	In Seaside Town, Yaridovich and his lackeys will take back the 
Star Piece you just won. Just give it to him and he will go away. Now go 
the direction he did and go through the door at the top of the stairs. 
You'll see him waiting for his ride. Johnny shows up with a couple 
pirates to help you win the star back. You'll have to fight Yaridovich.
	At some point during the battle, Yaridovich will probably split 
into two mirror images. Just focus your attacks on a single one and when 
it goes down, they both will. Afterwards, you'll find the Shed Key 
laying on the ground. You can also read a note nailed to a tree from 
Johnny. He warns you about a giant ax flying through the air. It's 
Smithy's doing.
	After you've picked up the key, go back to Seaside Town and unlock 
the building at the bottom of the first set of stairs. All the 
townspeople were being held prisoner here. They all thank you and the 
Elder gives you a Frog Coin. Go to the Elder's house and talk to him 
again. He will tell you about the Star Piece in Land's End. You can now 
go to Land's End.

 * Chapter Ten *

***Land's End***
	Save your game first. Jump into the cannon and wait until it is 
pointing to the floating platform; then jump out. Jump diagonally from 
the platform to the ledge. Go to the next area.
	Jump into the cannon. You will need to push RIGHT on your control 
pad when you jump out. This causes you to travel further. You'll 
probably end up in the pit with the three enemies above you. Jump out 
and go to the right to exit the area.
	This is a tough area. Don't jump down to the lower level. Jump 
along the ridge and try to make it to the other side. You'll need to run 
and jump for most of them. You'll probably end up fighting an enemy on 
top of every pedestal. If you fall off, make your way back to the left 
side of the area where you can use the only unoccupied cannon to get 
back up.
	Stay on the ground level and go to the right side of the area. Go 
to the next area.
	Go to the base of the hill on the left side of the area and you'll 
see a dark area in it. You can jump in here.
	Follow the path around. Get the Frog Coin from the chest. 
	Follow the path.  When you are blocked by three barrels, jump on 
them and one will fall. Jump on the platform when you reach it.

***Kero Sewers***
	Jump to the left, on top of the window. Keep jumping until you get 
to the chest. You'll get Cricket Jam (Sounds like a good meal for 
Frogfucius). Jump down and then down another level. Jump on the 

	Go to Tadpole Pond and give the Cricket Jam to Frogfucius. He'll 
give you ten Frog Coins. 

 * Chapter Eleven *

Next go back to Land's End. Make your way to the fourth area again. This 
time jump on the red flower and wait until it is pointed in the right 
direction and jump to the second level. Repeat this until you get to the 
top. Go to the next area. Here you can go across the SkyBridge. Choose 
"Normal" if you want to make things easy. Jump across the SkyBridge and 
when you get to the other side, go through the door.
	In the desert area, walk around until you find some sand 
whirlpools. You'll see an ant jump out of one. Wait until he goes back 
down and jump down. Continue this three times and you'll be in the next 
section of Land's End.

***Land's End Underground***
	Save your game and jump down off the ledge. Follow the path around 
and go to the next area.
	Pretty straight-forward, continue on through.
	Go to the right and drop down the hole.
	Make your way through the maze of enemies and go to the next area, 
which is Belome's Temple.

***Belome's Temple***
	Go down the stairs, around the corner, and on to the next area.
	Hit the chest to get some coins and then talk to the person. You 
have no choice but to pay him. After you do, jump and hit the tongues in 
any order you want. A stack of bricks will fall down. Jump on it to get 
up to the upper level. From here you can go to the next level.
	Go down the pipe.
	When the big door opens, go through it.
	Get the coins from the chest and go down the steps. Get the Frog 
Coin from the other chest. Move on.
	Hit the tongue on the statue and read the paper that comes out. If 
it says "MMM...I'm hungry...etc." then go down the elevator to the 
right. If it doesn't say this, leave the room the way you came and go 
back in again. Keep repeating this until you get the right message. When 
you do, go down the elevator.
	Go down the pipe.
	Here you'll have to fight Belome. He'll probably eat one or more 
of your party members and make duplicates of them, which he uses against 
you. Once you defeat him, jump on the green button. The big door will 
	Talk to the mouse and go down the pipe to Monstro Town.

 * Chapter Twelve *

	When you get to Monstro Town, go into the first door you come to. 
Talk to the woman and then go upstairs. Check the star on the dresser 
and it will dance for you. Go back downstairs and talk to the woman 
again. She will summon some Sky Troopas to help you get up the cliff. 
After the Sky Troopas leave, go outside and continue down the trail.
	At the end, you'll see a hole in the ground. The hole is a Save 
Point. After you save, head back up the trail and jump on the platform 
to go back to Belome's Temple. Make your way back through the entire 
temple until you reach the desert. Here, go up to the next area and you 
will see the Sky Troopas preparing to help you scale the cliff. You can 
walk across their shells when they fly close to the next Troopa. When 
you reach the top, go through the door and you can enter Bean Valley. 

***Bean Valley***
	Dodge the bees if you can and go down the pipe on the right.
	Go down the other pipe.
	Go up and left to the next area.
	Ignore the plants in the pipes. Use the Save Point and continue up 
to the next area. In this area, jump on the plant after it comes to life 
and you'll battle it. After the battle, the flying creature runs away 
and drops a note. The note actually turns out to be a seed. Take it and 
go down the pipe.
	Walk underneath the block and jump up. A beanstalk will grow high 
into the clouds. Hit the block again to climb it.
	First, read the note on how to climb vines and then climb the 
first one. At the top, jump to the next and jump again to the blue one. 
Climb up.
	Climb up the red vine to the left and get the flower from the 
chest at the top. Then climb the blue vine to the right. Get into a 
battle with the enemy and when you defeat it, a stepping block will 
appear to help you get to the next vine. Use it to get to the red vine 
and go up to the blue vine which takes you to the next area.
	Climb the red vine and jump to the yellow. From here jump 
diagonally left and towards yourself (you, not Mario) and you should 
land on the enemy. After you defeat him, he'll turn into a stepping 
block. Use it to get onto the green vine. From the green, jump onto the 
blue and climb up.
	Jump on the left platform to go to Nimbus Land.

 * Chapter Thirteen *

	In Nimbus Land, you'll see Valentina and an imposter Prince 
Mallow. She claims King Nimbus is dying and makes herself queen. After 
the sequence, go up and find Garro's house. Examine the statue of Mallow 
in the corner and Garro will recognize Mallow as the real prince! He 
makes you into a statue so you can gain entrance to the palace.

	After Dodo places you on a pedestal and leaves, you can move. Go 
through the door he just went through.
	Save your game at the Save Point and go through the next door. 
When the door opens, you here Valentina telling Dodo to go polish the 
statues. You'll run back and get onto the pedestal again. Dodo will 
start pecking at the statues in time with the music. Jump when he's 
about to peck you. If you manage to avoid all his pecks, he'll run away 
and you can move again. Go to the save room and pick up the feather on 
the floor and then go on to the next room.
	Mario will jump on the pedestal and preten he's a statue when the 
guard birds come. They find out he isn't a statue and they run away. Go 
right through the door that was closed.
	Make your way through the hallway. Not much to this area.
	Fight the bird guards, get the Mushroom from the chest, and go 
through the door at the top of the stairs.
	There will be three doors in a row. Go through the farthest one, 
the one past the Heavy Troopa guarded one (which is locked).
AREA 7:	
	Go through the next door.
	Go down the stairs and through the next door. Avoid the fork guy 
if you can, but it's no big deal.
	Save your game and talk to the people. One of them will give you a 
key. Go back to where the Heavy Troopa was guarding the door. Fight him 
and his buddies and then unlock the door. 
AREA 10:
	You'll see the egg one of the people was talking about. Talk to it 
and you'll fight it. When you crack the egg open, you'll reveal Birdo. 
After you defeat Birdo, you'll get another key. Use it to open the 
locked door the flying thing tried to get through.
AREA 11:
	First, fight the spinning flower thing because if you walk in 
front of it, it'll push you off the ledge and you'll have to walk around 
again. Then fight the fork guy and go through the door.
AREA 12:
	You'll try to get into the locked door, but when you can't, a Shy 
Away will come in calling for Valentina. Follow him and go through the 
other door.
AREA 13:
	Fight the Heavy Troopas and go through the door.
AREA 14:
	Here you will see Valentina talking to Dodo and a Shy Away. When 
Mallow reveals who he is, Valentina and the others run through the door. 
Follow them.
AREA 15:
	Save your game, then go to the next area.
AREA 16:
	Make your way down the hallway and through the next door.
AREA 17:
	You'll see Dodo farther up the hallway. Dodge the birds and run up 
the hallway, through the door.

	Now you're on a flying platform. When you fall off, you'll go 
through several layers of clouds and you'll stop at the entrance to the 
hot springs. Since you still can't get in, jump on the platform and then 
on the left platform in the next area. 
	You'll find yourself back in Nimbus Land, in front of the palace. 
Valentina will be surrounded by townspeople. You run up and battle her. 
Dodo will join her. At the beginning of the battle Dodo will grab the 
middle person in your group and carry them off to fight them. When that 
person defeats him, you'll be taken back to the main battle. Aim all 
your attacks at Valentina. When she goes down, they both leave. You'll 
get the key as well. 
	Mallow runs inside the palace to free his parents. You'll go 
inside and Mallow will introduce the group to the king and queen. The 
queen will tell you about the Star Piece in the volcano, guarded by the 
Czar Dragon. After the sequence ends, leave the palace and rest at the 
inn if you need to.

 * Chapter Fourteen *

	Drop through the hole out of the town and when you are in the area 
with two platforms and two holes, drop through the right hole. In the 
next area, talk to the guards and Mallow will show himself. They accept 
him as royalty and let the party into the Hot Springs.
	You can take a dip in the springs if you want. It will heal your 
party fully. When you are ready, go through the door. You will fall into 
the volcano.

***Barrel Volcano***
	Go through the door to the next area.
	Go to the left and jump on the first stone in the lava pool. Jump 
across the stones until you reach the ledge to the path to the right.
	Get the two Flowers from the chests. Go back to the first room and 
jump back across the stones. Go up the stairs and through the door at 
the top.
	Go up the stairs and through the door at the top.
	Follow the path around. Get the items from the chests and continue 
to the next room.
	Get the Star from the chest and run to the next room.
	Jump up the stairs and kill as many enemies as possible. If you 
don't kill the big stone enemy in time, you'll just have to fight him 
normally. After you defeat him, follow the path around to the next area.
	Make your way up the stairs and through the door at the top.
	Follow the path to get to the next area. I don't know how to get 
the Frog Coin out in the lava pool.
AREA 10:
	Jump across the lava to the stepping stones. It is possible to 
avoid fighting the fireball enemies. If you fight one, you'll just drop 
into the lava when you're done and then you'll have to start again, 
although the enemy will be gone.
AREA 11:
	In this area, there are several Frog Coins you can get. Jump on 
the white platforms. You have to be fast, because they will fall after 
one second. If you get into fights with the bone creatures, use regular 
attacks against the monkey things, but use Special attacks against the 
bone piles. Regular attacks don't work on them.
AREA 12:
	Follow the path to the next door. You can see some action going on 
up above you on the next level.
AREA 13:
	Get the Flower and Frog Coin from the chests and save your game. 
Go through the door.
AREA 14:
	The large tree stump thing produces enemies, so watch out. 
Carefully edge your way along the ledge to reach the right area with the 
sign towards the next door. If you fall off, you'll have to go around 
AREA 15:
	Make your way up the stairs. You'll probably end up fighting the 
bone pile. Go through the door at the top.
AREA 16:
	Go up the stairs. Fight the giant stone thing. It produces 
enemies, so be careful. After you defeat it, go through the door.
AREA 17:
	Follow the path around to the tree stump thing. Fight it and 
afterwards, keep following the path to the next area.
AREA 18:
	Make your way up the stairs to the top level. Get the Coins from 
the chest and talk to Hinopio. He will take you to his little market.
AREA 19:
	The first station Hinopio is at is an Item Shop. If you walk down 
and to the right, he runs to the next station. That's an Inn. The last 
one is an Armor Shop. When you are ready, continue to the next area. (Do 
you like the music from Super Mario Bros. level 1-2?)
AREA 20:
	Save your game and continue.
AREA 21:
	This is probably the hardest area in the entire place. You have to 
jump across the floating platforms. The first one will not fall, but the 
others will. Even if you have to kill every enemy in the room, you'll 
eventually get across. You'll have to run on the last jump to reach the 
ledge. If you don't make it, you'll have to start over at the beginning.
AREA 22:
	Here you'll have to fight the Czar Dragon. After you've beaten him 
up a bit, he'll turn into Zombone. Beat him up some more, and when he's 
defeated, follow the path behind him to the next area.
AREA 23:
	You are made to think that you get the sixth Star Piece, but five 
different-colored Axems steal it from you in your moment of glory. After 
they disappear, follow them up the stairs.
AREA 24:
	The Axems virbually abuse Mario and then take off again. You learn 
that they are taking the Star Piece to Blade. Follow them up the stairs 
again and through the door.
AREA 25:
	The yellow Axem will drop the Star Piece temporarily and then take 
off. Follow him up the stairs and to the next area.
AREA 26:
	You see the green Axem dragging the Star Piece. Follow him.
AREA 27:
	You see the black Axem whisking away the Star Piece. Follow him up 
the long set of steps.
AREA 28:
	At the top of the stairs you see the group of Axems go through the 
door. Follow them.
AREA 29:
	The Axems jump on the platform and go up. Do the same.
AREA 30:
	You are at the top of Barrel Volcano. The Axems are waiting for 
Blade to arrive. When the huge ship arrives, the Axems jump aboard. 
Mario jumps aboard too, and you get to fight the Axems. 
	Focus all your attacks on the pink Axem. When some messages come 
up on the screen, you will automatically start targeting the next Axem. 
Focus on this one now. Continue this until you are targeting the yellow 
one. Use Special attacks on the yellow one. After you defeat the last 
one, the red Axem will jump into the laser gun. Start attacking the 
laser. He will probably get off about three shots before you disable it. 
Afterwards, the Axems lose the battle and Blade crashes. You'll receive 
the sixth Star Piece.

 * Chapter Fifteen *

	Go back to Nimbus Land and go to the castle. Make your way to the 
throne room to talk to the king and queen. They suggest taking the Royal 
Bus to Bowser's Keep, the only place the seventh Star Piece could be. 
	Leave the palace and go left and up to the stairs. This leads to 
the Royal Bus. When you are aboard, it will take you to Bowser's Keep.

***Bowser's Keep***
	Walk to the door and go through.
	Dodge the Forkies to reach the next door.
	Walk across the bridge with the Goombas. Usually, when you fight, 
Bowser will scare a lot of the enemies away. It helps. Jump across the 
floating blocks when you reach them and go through the door.
	Make your way to the next door. It's tough to dodge all these 
	In this room, Mario has very limited vision, so it's harder to 
dodge enemies. When the path forks, the left leads to a treasure chest 
with a Mushroom, and the right continues towards the next door.
	Save your game and talk to Croco if you want to buy any items. 
When you are ready, go through the door.
	In the next room, there will be six doors. Two lead to puzzle 
areas, two lead to action areas, and two lead to battle areas. Pick a 
door and go through. You'll have to complete three areas in whatever 
category it is (the doors are randomized). After you complete three, 
you'll be back in this room. Repeat this procedure until you've 
completed four courses. After you complete the courses, take your last 
prize and go through the door.
	Save your game and go through the door.
	Here you will run into Magikoopa. He will attack you immediately. 
After you defeat him, he breaks free from whatever was clouding his mind 
and he decides to help your group. He'll use his magic to create a 
treasure chest that never runs out of Coins! In addition, you may talk 
to him to restore your characters' HP and FP. When you are ready, go 
through the door on the right.
AREA 10:
	Run underneath the series of stomping creatures. You will run into 
bullet enemies throughout the process, but if you can jump at just the 
right time, you may be able to escape them. When you reach the end, go 
through the door.
AREA 11:
	Walk through this room, and when you get near the door, Boomer 
will taunt you from one of the chandeliers. Mario jumps to the other 
chandelier and does a little taunting of his own. Defeat Boomer and you 
will ride the chandelier to the top floor of the keep.
AREA 12:
	At the top of Bowser's Keep, you will fight Exor, the giant sword. 
Target one of his eyes until you get the message that his protection is 
gone. Then target the top part of the creature. When you get the message 
that his protection is restored, target one of his eyes again. Repeat 
this until you have defeated him. Afterwards, you will be sucked into 
his mouth.

 * Chapter Sixteen *

	Bowser tries to leave the group but Geno persuades him to stay in 
and help out. When the sequence is over, continue up to the next area.
	Jump onto the two bolts. Walk to the upper right side and jump 
straight up. This causes the bolt to turn and move forward. Repeat until 
you reach the other side. Save your game and go through the door.
	Jump on the bolt and start moving it. On the next ledge, take the 
bolt on the right. Now take the next bolt that goes up. One the next 
ledge, go through the door.
	Run over and jump on the button. Run down and to the right and you 
will see a new path. Run down it to avoid the enemies all over the place 
and go through the next dooor.
	Save your game and continue.
	Get the Ultra Hammer from the chest. Then jump on the platform and 
you will be on the bolt. Ride the bolt over and jump on the second bolt. 
When you reach the other side, jump on the platform.
	In this area, you will have to fight Countdown. First, focus all 
your attacks at the clock itself. When it goes down, focus your attacks 
on a single bell. Then take out the other bell and you're done! 
Afterwards, save your game at the new Save Point and jump on the 
	Get off the platform and go through the door.
	Jump on the conveyor belt and get across before an enemy falls on 
you. Get on the white floating block. When it passes the other block, 
jump to the other one. Ride it to the other side. Jump on the conveyor 
belt and jump off the side before an enemy falls. Make your way up to 
exit this area.
AREA 10:
	There are three conveyor belts carrying an endless supply of 
enemies. There are also paralyzing arrows that are very well aimed. The 
arrows will usually strike you just as you are running in front of a 
belt. When you make your way all the way over to the right, go through 
the door.
AREA 11:
	Make your way along the narrow path. Don't worry, when you are on 
the path, you can't fall off. When you are on the conveyor belts, 
however...  Be careful when jumping on the belts. Try to aim your jumps 
diagonally upwards and you should be able to avoid being thrown off. 
	When the path forks, go right to get a Royal Syrup from a chest. 
Then go left and onto another belt. Jump along the belts and onto the 
floating block. Ride it over to another set of belts. Jump along them to 
the ledge. Dodge the ghosts and head on to the next area.
AREA 12:
	Make your way up the conveyor belt stairs. You will probably have 
to fight the enemy twice. He's not a barrel of fun, either. He randomly 
disables one of your battle functions: attack, special, item, defend.
When you get to the top, make your way around the narrow path. You'll 
have to fight all the enemies, unless you run and jump over them. You'll 
have to go up another set of conveyor stairs and fight another one of 
those dreaded enemies. Go through the door at the top.
AREA 13:
	Save your game and continue.
AREA 14:
	Try to make it to the upper part of this area. Go through the 
AREA 15:
	Get the Mushroom and the Flower from the chests. Return to the 
previous area.
AREA 14:
	Jump on the block in the middle of the room. When the enemy falls 
on your head, you'll have to fight him. After he's defeated, the block 
is destroyed and you can jump down the new hole.
AREA 15:
	Here you'll have to fight Domino and Cloaker. Focus your attacks 
on just one of them. When you take him out, another enemy will come out 
to help them. Focus your attacks on that enemy, not Domino or Cloaker. 
It shouldn't take long to thrash it.
	When you end up in a new area with a platform, head left and go 
through the door.
AREA 16:
	You'll come upon Clerk boasting about producing a new army for 
Smithy. You'll get to fight him. This is an easy battle. Just use 
regular attacks and have everybody focus on Clerk, himself. He'll fall 
in no time.
	Afterwards, head left and eventually Toad will come and sell 
supplies to your group. When you are ready, head left and go to the next 
AREA 17:
	Here you'll fight Manager and some of his workers. (You also get 
an interesting piece of Haiku afterwards.) Head left to the next area.
AREA 18:
	Now you have to fight Director and some more workers. He's not 
much harder than the previous two bosses. After you defeat him, save 
your game and continue on.
AREA 19:
	You have to fight yet another battle. This is the last one before 
Smithy, however. You fight the Factory Chief and Gunyolk. After you 
defeat them, jump on the button. You will be dropped down a pipe right 
into Smithy's lair. Now you will have to fight the last battle!
	Focus all your attacks directly on Smithy. When you have depleted 
his HP enough, the surroundings will change and he will change to his 
true form. This form consists of a body and several heads that keep 
changing randomly. Focus all your attacks on the heads and make sure you 
keep your HP up! If you attack the body for awhile, the heads are unable 
to change for a couple turns, but this doesn't do much good. Just keep 
on attacking the heads and soon victory will be yours!!!
	After you defeat Smithy, you receive the seventh Star Piece and 
can watch a long ending sequence. Congratulations!



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