Call Bead Locations

  1. Get with the spells of Fire eyes
  2. Same as 1
  3. Same as 1
  4. Same as 1
  5. Same as 1
  6. Same as 1
  7. In the most northern part of the swamp inside a gourd
  8. In a pot in the left wall near the entrance of the volcano catacombs
  9. In a pot in the secret room on the right inside the colloseum
  10. In pot to the right of Blimp's cave
  11. In pot near first entrance of the pyramid
  12. Same as 11
  13. In pot in a corridor with the biting snake statues in the pyramid
  14. In pot near the breacheable wall below the save point inside pyramid
  15. In pot below the breacheable obstacle in the upper left room in the hall of Colossia
  16. In pot near Aquagoth in underground maze
  17. Same as 16
  18. Same as 16
  19. In chest next to the 'Corrosion alchemy' man
  20. Same as 19
  21. In chest in big dining room of Ebon keep
  22. Find near Noblian palace near the wall above the top right snake statue
  23. In pot in the south west corner of the basement of the Pyramid
  24. Use "call-up" alchemy formula
  25. Same as 24
  26. Same as 24
  27. Same as 24
  28. Same as 24
  29. Same as 24
  30. Same as 24
* 31 and up: A dropped item from the "Dragoyle" monsters