Secret of Evermore

About Secret of Evermore: Many have dreamed of the perfect utopia, a place where everyone and everything can live in harmony. The year is 1965 and a brilliant scientist known as Dr. Sidney Ruffleburg has eagerly been developing a world of his own. With the help of some of his colleges, this strange new world would harvest the traits of their dreams. Thus the mysterious dream corridor will no longer be an illusion but a reality. Due to the thoughts and dreams of the four people involved, the land took on a very awkward appearance.

Dr. Sidney dreamed about the future and took the human race into space. A girl with the nickname Fire Eyes dreamed up quite the opposite. She was always fascinated with the Jurassic era, and thus she created a prehistoric land. To fill the gap between the two time lines, Camellia presented a medieval timeline where she would rule as queen, and Horace thought up an ancient Egyptian domain. This world harvests everything these people will ever need. This utopia was promptly named Evermore.

Thirty years has passed since the Evermore experiment. A young adventurer and his dog have accidentally stumbled upon this monstrous machine, and thanks to the fangs of the pup, the machine was once again active. Thus, Evermore received two unwelcome guests, and now it's up to you to take up the role as the two adventures and unlock the Secret of Evermore...