Formula Locations


Flash: Talk to Fire Eyes the first time. She will give you the Flash formula.
Cure: Talk to Strong Heart after saving him. He will reward you with the Cure formula.
Levitate: Talk to the person on top of the Volcano. He will give you the Levitate formula.
Heal: Defeat the Vipers and the Viper Commando at the Mammoth Graveyard. An alchemist will appear and give you the Heal formula.
Defend: After rescuing Strong Heart, go to the armor shop in Fire Eyes' Village. Go all the way left, down, and left again to enter a secret area with three gourds. Talk to the man to get the Defend formula.
Hard Ball: After entering the Bugmuck, look for a cave down and to the to the right. The Alchemist there will give you the Hard Ball Formula.
Miracle Cure: After getting the Windwalker, talk to Strong Heart to receive the Miracle Cure formula.
Speed: While you're in the catacombs of the volcano, you may find a tunnel on the left wall. Enter it and follow the path until you reach a room with two paths on the bottom of it. Enter the right path and walk through the right wall. You will find a man who gives you the speed formula.
Acid Rain: After defeating the Thraxx, you will walk out the bug's mouth and walk along a path to the village. After entering the second part of the path, hug the left wall. You will enter part of it and find three gourds and a path. Take the path to find an old man and the Acid Rain formula.


Escape: After getting one of the diamond eyes, visit the alchemist in Horace's camp. He will give you the Escape formula.
Sting: Find the alchemist in the desert between Nobilia and Crustacia. He usually appears on the left end of the desert, in an oasis. He will give you the Sting formula.
Revive: Talk to Blimp in Blimp's Cave after retrieving your dog from Nobilia. He will give you the Revive formula.
Revealer: Talk to Horace before heading off to find the Diamond Eyes. He will tell you to talk to his alchemist, who gives you the Revealer formula.
Drain: After getting the Bronze Axe from the Pyramid, cross the river. Use the Bronze axe to clear the debris in front of the cave. The man inside will give you the Drain formula.
Double Drain: After Defeating Aegis, return to where you found the Drain formula. The man will be happy that the evil king is gone and give you the Double Drain formula.
Crush: Before you find your dog in Nobilia, talk to Blimp in Blimp's Cave to get the Crush Formula.
Atlas: In the Nobilian Goods store, watch for the Sand Spider running behind some crates. Follow it to find the Atlas formula.
Barrier: After you get the Windwalker, return the Nobilian castle and talk to Horace. He will give you the Barrier formula.
Fireball: After getting the Bronze Spear in the Hall of Collosia, go to the niche in the left wall. Walk through the wall and go down, right, and up to enter a secret room. From there, walk through the left wall and go up, right, and down to enter yet another secret room. Walk towards the balcony and Madronius's brother will approach you and give you the Fireball formula.


Explosion: In Tinker's lab, read the book next to the treasure chest containing the knight basher. It contains the Explosion formula.
Slow Burn: Search the right bookshelf on the left side of Tinker's lab. You will find the Slow Burn formula.
Super Heal: Correctly guess the number of marbles in the hand of "The smartest boy in Ebon Keep". You will then receive the Super Heal formula.
One Up: When you enter the Dark Forest, go down, down, right, right, down, left, down, down, right, right, down, down, left, down, down, down, and left to find an old man who will give you the One Up formula.
Fire Power: Give the Queen's Key to the guy in Ivor Tower whose wife fell down the vent. He will thank you by giving you the Fire Power formula.
Nitro: After getting the ship from Professor Ruffleburg's lab, look at the book in Tinker's Tower where you found the Explosion formula. You will find the Nitro formula.
Regrowth: Go to the largest house in Ebon Keep. Walk around the back of the house from the right. The woman inside will give you the Regrowth formula.
Corrosion: A man in the Ivor Tower Sewers will give you the Corrosion formula.
Reflect: After getting the Energy Core, find the alchemist at the end of the path. If you have the Oracle Bone, he will give you the Reflect formula.
Lightning Storm: After defeating Sterling, Gomi will give you the Lightning Storm formula.
Lance: In the town of Ivor Tower, talk to the woman who says her husband's name is Lance. Go upstairs but don't open the chests. Go back downstairs and talk to Lance to get the Lance formula.


Energize: After getting the Energy Core from the second Chessboard path, talk to Professor Ruffleburg. He will give you the Energize formula.
Call Up: When you meet Professor Ruffleburg, he will give you the Call Up formula.
Stop/Forcefield: After you save the Guard, go back to the junkyard and talk to her. She will give the Stop and Forcefield formulas.