Name glitch: "Strong Heart" & "Strongheart":
At the beginning of the game the village alchemist of Prehistoria is called Strong Heart, but later on near the end it is spelled as Strongheart.

Walking into places you shouldn't:
At the beginning of the game you can walk to the right side of the village of Prehistoria, and it will be blocked by a villager. (if you haven't talked to Fire eyes) You can get past him by standing near him, then wait for your (computer controlled) dog to walk past him. Press 'Select' when the dog is past the villager, and you can get to the next screen. This trick also works near the entrance the underground cave in Antiqua. (to the north of Horace's camp) This allows you to walk on thin air.

Weapon reset at junkyard's save point:
If you save at the omnitopian junkyard and you load that gamefile the next time, your weapon will be reset to the bonecrusher for some unknown reason.

Statistics screwed up:
When you have an active alchemy spell/disease, when you save your game stats will be screwed up the next time you restart. So never save until all effects are worn off.


Alchemy 2x, 3x combo:
This trick is very familiar. It is done by casting the alchemy spell again right after you cast it the first time. It can even be done three times, when the distance between you and the target are far enough.

Alchemy 8x combo:
Yes, it is possible to perform a 8x alchemy combo!!!! But you need real fast reflexes for this. First press 'select' to play as the dog. Now press 'X' to open the boy's menu. Select the spell and cast it, then immediatly after casting it, press 'X' to freeze time(open menu). Use another alchemy spell, and repeat the previous steps to get to a maximum of 8. The game will start running a little slower and the animation goes beserk sometimes, but it works. You can't get a 8x combo on spells that are used very quickly like the drain formula. Example: Use Nitro on level 9, you can cause 999 * 8 = 7992(!) damage on any enemy.

Stop Glitch:
Use the 'stop' formula your enemy will turn black/white as usual. But if you pause the game your enemy will mysteriously regain it's colour, although it remains frozen.

Blood rain:
Use a combo with Corrosion, then Explosion. This will cause the rain to become bloody red.

Thunderball glitch:
When you use practile bombs or Cryo blast, and you look at the sub-screen the picture (current weapon) will look like the thunderball.

7 pieces of Honey at the same time:
If you have six pieces of Honey when you battle Aquagoth, you will get an extra piece for beating him. This will force the game to let you have 7 pieces of Honey at the same time in your inventory.

Money: easy come, easy go:
If you have more than 16,777,216 of the same currency the computer will reset and will start counting at 0 of that currency. This is because the programmers didn't 'seal' the maximum 6-digit hexadecimal value (16^6 = 16,777,216), which means that the computer will start counting again at zero if you go over that top value.