Hidden Ingredients
 After completing the Bugmuck, you'll get the Spider's Claw. Go back to the place with the quicksand, but go up on top of the stone ledge. Move right all the way and then move down. Make your dog sniff, and you'll find a tunnel in the wall. Go all the way to the right and to the next screen. You'll get a spell and some Clay along with other ingredients.

Ingredient Mix
 If you use two spells before the first one hits you can mix them like a Green fist if you mix "Crush" with "Acid Rain" or if you mix Hardball With flash you get the enemy exploding with yellow blood instead of red.

Invulnerability... almost
1.  Unequip everything
2.  Cast Defend (atleast lvl 5) on yourself
3.  Save your game then reset
4.  Go back to your game and wait till Defend wears off
 -Now look at your stats and your defense should be immense and you can only be hit by 1 damage... But you can still get hit by magic and you can't equip or it will go back to normal.

Sting & Lance Spells
Sting spell:
 To get the spell of Sting, which sends a swarm of bees after your enemies, you must search EVERY oasis in Nobilia Desert and find an old alchemist who will give you the spell. Be warned, though, that it is EXTREMELY HARD to make him come out, and you may never find him.
Lance spell:
 To get the spell of Lance, which hurtles a sparkling energy spear at your enemies, head for Ivor Tower. There, in one of the houses, a boy will tell you about his brother Lance and a woman in the same house says Lance's treasures (which are upstairs) are very important to him. Go upstairs, but DO NOT OPEN THE CHESTS. Go back downstairs to find lance (a bearded man). He'll ask if you touched his treasures. Reply "no", and, in gratitude of letting him keep his privacy, Lance will give you Lance (the spell). It is very helpful against the Rat King in Ebon Keep.   -You may take Lance's treasures after you get the spell.

Unlimited Bazooka Ammo
 Before entering this code you need at least 5 rounds of each type (3 types) of bazooka ammo.
 Go to the great pyramid and walk in the trench where the river was. Follow the path until you see some mad monks blocking a crater. Turn so that your back is facing the crator and fire weak bazooka shots until you are over the crator. Then walk off of it. Now go save your game, and you will have unlimited ammo for everything except the type you used to get over the crator.

Unlimited Rice and Spice
 Go to the end of the desert, and walk around near the town until you are spinning in a whirlpool. Stay there and fend off any enemies. If your health gets low, replenish it. After a few minutes, you'll be sucked into the whirlpool and go underground. You will come back up and have 99 rice and 99 spice. You can do this multiple times. Works best if you do it before making your purchases at the town.

Unlimited Run
(for those who didnt already figure this out at the beginning of the game...)
 Equip any weapon that can be charged to Level 3 or higher. Charge it to full capacity. Continue to hold the CHARGE button, then press and hold the RUN button. You can now run until you release both buttons.

Where to find Dry Ice
 Once you reach any experience level that is a multiple of 5, go to the professor's lab (in omnitopia). Go all the way to the left wall and walk straight up without stopping. A cat will appear (just like at the start of the game). The dog will chase the cat and an alchemist will find the dog and bring him back to the lab. He will give you Dry Ice - 12,000 credits for 5.