Charm Locations


Jaguar Tooth Ring:
 The only charm here is the Jaguar Tooth Ring. It lets you run with super speed. When you enter the desert before the Bugmuck, take the first whirlpool you see. Enter the cave and buy something from the guy. He will give you the Jaguar Tooth Ring.


Chocobo Egg:
 In the Crustacia item shop, you will hear a voice coming from behind the crates. Go behind them to meet a Mad Monk. Pay him 10,000 jewels for the Amulet of Annihilation and he will give you a free gift of a Chocobo Egg, which raises your maximum HP.
Magic Gourd:
 Talk to the dealer on the upper left side of the Nobilia Marketplace and buy what he has to offer. Talk to him again and he will trade the Magic Gourd for your Chocobo Egg. The powers of the Gourd are unknown.
Armor Polish:
 Trade the Silver Sheath to the dealer near the armor vendor to get the Armor Polish, which increases the strength of your body armor.
Silver Sheath:
 Pay ten jars of spice to the dealer next to the one on the lower right corner of the market. The Silver Sheath increases the strength of your sword-type weapons.
Sun Stone:
 Found in Nobilia Market
Moxa Stick:
 Found in Nobilia Market
Jade Disk of Emperor Qi:
 Found in Nobilia Market
Ruby Heart:
 Found in Nobilia Market
Staff of Life:
 After defeating Aegis, Horace will come and give you the Staff of Life, which increases the damage done by an enemy's blow.


 Any charm that you traded away in Nobilia, except the Chocobo Egg: They can be found in the Ivor Tower Alley, sold by the lowest female dealer for about 300 gold coins each.
Insect Incense:
 After buying back your old charms, talk to the used charms dealer and she will sell you the Insect Incense for three jars of spice and three bottles of perfume. The Insect Incense repels Mosquitoes and Spiders (but doesn't work very well).
Chocobo Egg:
 Pay nine jars of spice and nine bottles of perfume to the uppermost dealer in the Ivor Tower alley. The Chocobo Egg increases your maximum HP, but you knew that already, right?
Oracle Bone:
 Pay a Golden Jackal Statuette and a Jeweled Scarab to the dealer in the large booth at the Ivor Tower/Ebon Keep Marketplace to get the Oracle Bone. You might find out more information than usual from people.
Thug's Cloak:
 Ivor's Tower Market. Thug's cloak is traded to you for 8 perfume and 6 beads.
Wizard's Coin:
 After defeating Aquagoth, turn the well's handle and an Oglin will pop out and run away. After defeating the three Bad Boys in the Dark Forest, follow the Gremlins in the trees. Go up whenever possible. If a gremlin isn't in a tree in the screen of the path you took, it's the wrong path. You will eventually meet the Oglin you rescued from the well, and he thanks you with the Wizard's Coin, which raises your Magic Defense.

Charm's Effects:
Jaguar ring - Increases run speed
Chocobo egg - Increases HP's with 45
Oracle bone - Alchemist under chessboard gives a second formula
Thug's cloak - Increases Evade %
Silver sheath - Increases attack of a sword-type weapon
Moxa stick - Increases power of healing items/spells
Armor polish - Increases Defensive power of armor
Insect Incide - Mosquitos won't bother you, spiders can't poison you
Jade disk - Increases Hit %
Ruby heart - Lowers Hit % of enemies
Wizard's coin - Increases Magic defense
Staff of life - Increases Defense
Sun stone - Increases Attack
Magic gourd - It does nothing