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Dragon Quest 8 Cheats
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  • weapons, equipment, consume, tools by: K.Baker
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  • quick profits, tokens, tricks, tips by: Okamotosan
  •  Dragovian Trial
  • defeat seven dragons by: P.Chang
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  • lists and ranks by: B.Nii
  •  Walkthrough
  • start to finish by: A.Eagleson
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    JAP: 11/27/04
    USA: 11/15/05
    EUR: 04/13/06
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    Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King continues the mega-hit turn-based role-playing strategy of Dragon Quest - the worldwide hit, now available for Americans to enjoy. You're the last survivor of King Torode's army, and the king and his daughter have both been transformed. As his final warrior, you must track down the evil jester who stole his powerful scepter and caused this tragedy. The full-orchestral soundtrack, completely renovated GUI menu system, new battle abilities, and improved animations will take your breath away, while the living, breathing anime world offers a wealth of new places to explore. An epic tale of friendship, bravery, and adventure awaits you on the grassy fields, snow-capped mountains, and restless seas of Dragon Quest VIII.
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